The Texas Rangers reported that they have signed Japanese superstar pitcher Yu Darvish for 6 years and $60 million dollars.  They Paid a bid to Darvish’s Japanese team for record-setting $52 million dollars. The Rangers are set to pay over $100 million dollars which puts them most likely out of the Prince Fielder race. This was a very risky move which I’m surprised with.  Other scenarios with Japanese stars haven’t turned out well because some players can’t adapt to the MLB. In my personal opinion I think they should’ve pursued Prince Fielder which they were sure to get a great all-star player. I think the bid is outrageously high on hopes that it will pay off. Yu Darvish was amazing though in Japan. He was un unstoppable with outstanding stats. I don’t know how Japanese hitters are compared to the MLB. In 2009 Yu Darvish made the Japan World Classic team.

Y u Darvish 2011 Stats

W: !8         L: 6         1.44 ERA    G: 28       Ip: 232      SO: 276