I just heard some strange news.  I’m not too sure if these rumors are true, but the Oakland A’s may be interested in Manny Ramirez.   Ramirez is 39 years old, which is quite old for a player to be considered by a major league team, given the fact he’s been out of the game for over a year.  Manny is lazy, very cocky and if he’s not happy he doesn’t try.  For example the Red Sox got rid of him for those three reasons.  Ramirez probably has one of the worst attitudes in the league.  Manny gets so frustrated over the smallest things, and that causes him to do even worse in a game by committing errors with questionable effort.  I honestly don’t see it happening and who would want such a “has been” player that seems to have many  “issues” with fellow team mates. Furthermore, his personal life is a mess based on his arrest record.   Right off the bat, excuse my pun,  he would  face a 50 game suspension for steroid use.  So not only is he “rusty”, he wouldn’t be able to make any immediate contribution because of the suspension.  He’s had a great bat through out his career, but I don’t know how much of that was enhanced by steroids.  Even if he still has some skills,  he is not a face of veteran leadership.   Are his temper tantrums and toxic attitude worth it???

Maybe Billy Beane knows something we don’t.  Billy is probably one of the smartest general managers.  If you look back to 2002 there was an old has been player named David Justice.  He used to be a huge super star like Manny.  Everybody thought Billy Beane was super stupid to sign Justice who was paid by the Yankees to no longer be on their team.  However, the move did pay off big.  This is kind of a similar situation, except that  Justice was able to lead and be a mentor.  Can Manny “Mann up” and do that???   I don’t think so.  My 11 year old kid advice is stop hitting your wife, get “clean” and live your life with some dignity!