Sorry Sports Fans …….I haven’t posted because I had a Strepp infection and then got a concussion playing basketball against a caveman type center.  My mom always says, “There is nothing less christian than Catholic school basketball!”  The caveman won that battle, but he’ll be washing my car and mowing my lawn someday.

Anyhow, I wanted to share my experiences from The Brewers fan festival,  Brewers On-Deck.  It’s  an annual meet, greet and autograph event held at a Milwaukee convention center.  It was sooooooooooooooo fun!    I got tickets as a Christmas present and I was thrilled to death.  So, my “Fan First” meeting was with Nyjer Morgan,  A.K.A., Tony Plush came up to me to chat and gave me a “high five”.   I got on T. V. (I was the good looking one) with him and there was a mob of people following Nyger.  So I joined in the fun.  It was crazy.  This guy was hilarious running all over.  He grabbed a microphone and would interview random people and just do bizarre  things like chowing down on someone’s nachos.  He was  great to the fans.       Crazy fun…….or maybe just plain crazy………(my gramps is a psychiatrist and thinks you may want to go back on your meds…..I’m just sayin…)

“Fan Flop” Alert – Newly acquired Aramis Ramirez,  took this intro opportunity to demonstrate to awesome Milwaukee fans what a complete arrogant, snotty jerk he is.  Ramirez seemed irritated and barely acknowledged people that waited in line and PAID for his autograph.  Hey Ramirez, show some respect to the people of this state and to the game that gave you your fame.   Lastly, get over yourself!!!

Mr. Taylor Green and Bleacherboy

“Fan Favorites”  – The highlight of my day was meeting my favorite player, Tayor Green.  I told him that he was my favorite Brewer and his face lit up.  He looked at me, smiled and seemed sincerely  grateful.  He gave me his autograph and took the time to talk.  I felt like he could remember what it was like to be a kid who loved baseball.  He seemed kind and genuine to all those that greeted him  –  So…Big Shout Out to T.G.!!!!!   My “spidey senses” tell me that Taylor will have a bright future.  I look forward to seeing him play this season.  Honorable mention also goes to Alex Gonzalez and Martin Maldonado, two young players that were humble and happy to see their fans. ( “Flops” –  some of the handlers that overmanaged the access to players and weren’t too friendly)

Mr. Gantner teaching me about "The Weapon"

“Legends” – It was great to see Stormin Gorman Thomasand get his signature.  Truly  a stand up regular guy.  I also had the honor of speaking toBrewer great, Jim Gantner.  He ran an instructional clinic then took the time to talk to me about the “weapon”.   Mr. Ganter said that when he played second base he would throw the ball, a.k.a. -the weapon, during a double play right at the baserunner’s head to make him duck.  He went on to tell me that when I’m not pitching, and I play third base – this approach is very effective.  Thanks Mr. Gantner for talking to me like an old friend.

So there you have it.  The “circle of life” in  Brewer baseball…….Rookies and young guys happy to get paid to do what they love-playing ball; the Ramirez types with big egos that have lost perspective; and the veterans that want to share their knowledge and  are gratefull to have been there………and a kid who can’t wait for the season to start!