This year the Cubs look very hopeless.  It would be a miracle if they made it to the playoffs.

So What is Looking Good and Bad for the Cubs???????

The Cubs don’t have many things going their way so let’s try to find some positives and negatives.  They were probably happy to lose, “Big Z” Carlos Zambrano who has massive anger issues.  They picked up a decent pitcher in Chris Volstad.  Matt Garza and Carlos Marmol will also help the team in pitching.  Most of the other pitchers are below average.  Another plus is that they have received a decent replacement for 3rd baseman Aramis Ramirez in Ian Stewart, from the Colorado Rockies. He’ll provide some of the production that Aramis had, but not nearly as much. Alfonso Soriano is getting close to the end of his career and may not be a big help this year.    They have lost Carlos Peña, who was an above average, slugging  first baseman.  One good thing is that Geovany Soto “Rookie of the Year” winner of 2008 is healthy and may be one of the only bright spots for the Cubs.  Stralin Castro will continue to be a good, speedy, contact hitting shortstop.  I think they will take 5th or 6th place this year.  This will be rebuilding year for them and they hope to be good in the future.  The Billy Goat Curse  will do it’s magic once again.