Hi, my name is David.  I go by my alter ego, Bleacher Boy.  I was inspired by my cousin’s blog, “Brewers Today.”  He showed me how to set up my blog and all of it’s tools.  I write about baseball in general, adding my personal viewpoint.  When I found out that I could be featured on the front page of MLBlogs, I was very excited to take a shot at it.   I get new viewers everyday and have had a lot of positive feedback.  I think I should be featured on MLBlogs Jumbo because I give advice, info, and opinions from my 11 year-old point of view.   It’s baseball, by a kid, for kids, and those who remember what it was like to be a kid.  You can get news on what’s happening in baseball anywhere, but rarely from a kids point of view.  Most friends my age hate writing, but I enjoy it very much.  I’m not like other kids who sit and play, “Call of Duty” all day and night.

I look forward to everything baseball including the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and the aroma of brats while tailgating at Miller Park.   It is my passion and I hope to be playing the game as well as learning and writing more about the sport forever.  I love to go to Brewer games  and I try to watch every game on T.V.  Taylor Green, of the Brewers, is my favorite player, and none of my friends understand it because they don’t know who he is.   However, my “spidey senses” tell me that he has the potential to be a superstar and a great role model. So, I’m gonna keep my eye on him.   My family, including my mom, dad, sisters and cousins will always be playing baseball no matter where we are and we get pretty competitive.   Baseball is good, clean fun and is still for families, friends and the young at heart.  So, take a look at Bleacher Boy, and enjoy articles by a boy and his blog…….