Now I’ll explain to you what these expressions mean.  There will be some new ones because of requests from viewers.  Before you read this make sure you have already taken the quiz.  Here are the answers.

Tools of ignorance: The catcher’s gear.

Can of Corn: An easy catch.

Basket Catch: Catching the ball at belt level.

In the Hole: The batter after that on-deck hitter.

Golden Sombrero: 4 strikeouts in one game.

Dying Quail: A ball that drops unexpectedly.

Texas Leaguer: A super shallow fly ball that lands for a hit.

Crackerjack: The best player.

Yakker/Bender/Uncle Charlie: A sharp curveball.

Meatball: A pitch right down the middle, easy to hit.

Viewer Requests

Chin Music: A pitch that nearly hits the batter in the chin.

Baltimore Chop: A ground ball that hits in front of home plate and takes a big hop over the infielder’s head.

Bronx Cheer: Boos from the crowd.

Seeing-Eye Single: A ground ball that is just out of the infielder’s range, as if the ball has eyes to know where to go.

Pull the String:  When a batter strikes out at a fooling pitch.  For example a change-up is coming in at the batter very slowly as if someone is pulling it back.