The MLB has expanded the playoff system for the third time now.  In each league there will be two wild card teams and they face off in a one game elimination.  This game will be played on Friday, October 5.  Then the winner will advance on to a division winner and play them.  It’ll still be a 5 game series, but the lower seed will play the first two games home and final three away, making it a 2-3 format.  Next year it will return back to 2-2-1, which is the team with home field advantage will play the first two games home and same with the last game for the division series .  Now two teams from the same division can face off in the division series.  The WC and NLCS will remain the same.  I really like this new format.  Now more teams can have a shot at the championship.  I’m also happy to just watch more baseball even if it is only another game or so.  One way I see this happened is because more games will bring more money.  I really hope this wasn’t part of the discussion.  I hope you look forward to this new playoff format.  Please comment your opinion on the new format.