The Brewers are my favorite team and I hope that they’ll do good this year. They have had one major change in the departure Prince Fielder.

Can Aramis and Gamel make up for Fielder? 

One of the biggest questions for the Brewers is that can Gamel and Aramis make up for Fielder?  I think that Aramis and Gamel will have good enough years to almost make up Fielder.  Fielder is the only big player the Brewers will be missing.  I honestly think they will do fine with out him.  The Brewers have other players like Hart who can play some first base and he can crush the ball.  With Braun avoiding the suspension he will help this offense.  If Rickie Weeks can stay healthy and be consistent he will be a very big part of the team.  During the offseason the Brewers signed Alex Gonzalez, who has agreat glove, but a horrible bat.  It’ll be interesting to see how Japanese superstar, Norichika Aoki.  The Brew Crew’s offense is good without Prince Fielder.

All 5 Starters Are Back in Action for 2012

Last year the starters were Yovani Gallrado, Zack Grenike, Shaun Marcum, Randy Wolf, and Chris Narveson.  They all gathered up 10 wins and guess what, they are all back for the 2012 season.  If they can do the same thing they did last year the Brewers will be fine.  Since Zack Grenike won’t be hurt for the start of the season, he’ll strengthen the rotation.  As a shout out to Zack, DON’T PLAY BASKETBALL AND DAMAGE YOUR RIB AGAIN.  If the starters can get through 6 ininngs the bullpen looks lights out.  In the seventh you’ll have Jose Veras and in the eighth you have K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez).  To close things off you’ll see John Axford.

This year I think the Brewers have a good shot to get deep into the playoffs.  They’ll win the wild card most likely and lose in the NLCS (again).