Hi! It’s one of David’s co writers, Kyle.  I’m going to tell you the great time I had in spring training and the very special things I got to do!  First I am going to talk about just the atmosphere. ITS SO GREAT!  Walking around the ballpark (Maryvale) with all the facilities so open to public and to watch the fans who traveled from Milwaukee like me having a great time.  The players in spring training really make an effort to make this a fan oriented experience.  The players and coaches sign tons of autographs and do a lot of cool baseball drills that would make a little league coach starstruck!  THE GAMES.  The games at the park are great to watch your favorite players like Braun, Weeks, Morgan, and the youngsters who are trying so hard and are so hard on themselves because they want to make the team so badly.  They are a blast.  PREVIEW. Overall from what I saw the team looked great but have there spotty areas for sure. I was very impressed with weeks who hit very well and covered
more ground at second than I thought he could after his injury.  Matt Gamel looked great offensively but FAR from perfect defensively.  One problem I spotted was shortstop.  GONZO will be solid but the backup being Cesar Izturis looked bad with about 4 errors in 3 games I saw and went about 1-10 at the plate. YIKES. MY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!  On thursday March 8th at 1:05 PM (ya I remember it that well).  I got the offer of a lifetime.  My bud Seth’s father was friends with Marcus Hannel, the bullpen catcher and he got me and Seth to be batboys for the team for the game against the reds.  We were so excited. THE DAY, THE DREAM!  The day started out with Seth and I getting suited up into uniform in the clubhouse! We then walked out of the tunnel the players do with our instructor, Carlos Gomez and Aramis Ramirez. Then the game started and I was starstruck. Standing 2 feet away from the central of the sports world for a long time was awesome.  I knew I had a job to do now though, but a cool one, I got to set up the on deck circle and hold all the players bats.  I also learned the club is very close and loose and very funny.  One thing they did was talked spanish to Norichika Aoki but there all very nice to him and he seems to enjoy it. They also have some crazy nicknames. Another moment I loved was when an idiot Reds fan started to chant steroids, steroids while Braun was at bat, but then CRACK he responded to the junk with a towering bomb that would have hit the scoreboard at Miller.  I then grabbed his bat came back and slapped him five that was awesome. Overall this was an experience of a lifetime for me cause I love the game and appreciated this.  I LOVED IT.  I also learned a lot more about the team and the game.  IT WAS SO COOL.  Thanks for reading.  One more thing SHOUTOUT TO MARCUS HANNEL #55 YOUR AN AWESOME GUY, THANK YOU.