I was just sitting on the couch chatting with my grandpa, probably the funniest man on earth.  He’s a psychiatrist by profession and has taught me many things, such as how to play chess and the best way to pick up “chicks.”  We were just reminiscing about all of my various sports injures.   We came to a conclusion that if we made a book about my injures it would be longer than the Bible.    The strange thing about my injures is that they’re all so different and super ridiculous and there are too many to mention so I’ve highlighted a few.  Once, just getting ready for baseball practice, I ran to get my cleats, hooked my toe on the door frame and SNAP!!!, broke my pinky toe.  It hurt like the dickens and took forever to heal.   Within that same year, I caught a flyball with my nose, and once again SNAP!!! –  I was too frightened by all the blood to cry.   But my worst, and most shocking, as seen in the photos – was when I learned a really good lesson.  When coaches tell you to “keep your eye on the ball,” they don’t mean literally.  I took a line drive to my left eyebrow area.  The E.R. docs said that if it was an 1/8th of an inch lower, I would have lost my eye.  Two days after the injury, both my eyes were swollen shut with swelling from scalp to chin accompanied by a bloody eyeball.  People thought I had been in a car accident.   Four months later, it still was bruised and I was horrified when my teacher asked if “someone at home was hitting me.”  So my Grandpa’s advice is that I should stick to playing Sudoku or do crossword puzzles (with a marker and not a pencil in order to avoid lead poisoning).  There is almost no way to get hurt …………..unless I get a cramp in my wrist.