-David S.-

Don’t you hate it when a umpire makes a bad call- that frustrated feeling?  But, doesn’t it feel great when a bad call goes in your favor?  It’s that uncertainty that makes the game exciting.   This past weekend my club team lost a tournament due to some very bad calls.   For example, I hit a shot to the second baseman and he trapped the ball in the dirt and I was called out by the ump, who was standing behind the fielder.  Would I have liked instant replay then?  Probably.  However, during my last home game I missed third base while running home, but I scored  a run.  Bad calls are just part of the game.  The MLB is considering to expand it’s replay system.  They want to include if a player caught or trapped the ball, if a runner is safe or out at bases, and whether or not balls are fair or foul down the line.  I have never been a fan of instant replay in baseball.  I was disappointed when the whole home run replay started a few years ago.  It’s the imperfection of the umps and the arguing of calls that helps keeps the game interesting.  I think that  baseball should not ever have replay and keep it old fashion.  If we begin to micromanage every play, baseball will lose some of its charm.