-David S.-

I recently read about Zack Greinke missing his next start to “recharge his batteries.”  Roenicke said that Greinke’s routine is out of wack and that he is pretty worn out after starting 3 games in a row.  Sounds reasonable on the surface….  I do get the part about the routine change having an impact that can make you “out of wack. ” On start 1 of 3 against the Astros he pitched 4 pitches and was ejected in the first inning.  Start 2 he only pitched 66 pitches.  After his second start Greinke had the whole All Star break to recover from his last 2 starts.  I think that he could easily be fine by then.  Tyler Thornburg is set to start for Zack.

Fact or Fishy?

Fact: Maybe Zack is just a little fatigued from three starts and just doesn’t feel right.  Roenicke, Melvin,  and Greinke did agree about him needing to just recharge.  Zack will have ten days of rest to get straightened out.  He has been having a rough July with an ERA of 9.00

Fishy:  Could Greinke actually get traded in the very near future?  I know that Melvin came out  and told the press that this had nothing to do with trading.  I think that he may be traded soon and a possible deal has been going on behind the scenes.  Remember, he wanted to be on a “Series” contending team.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the Brewers this year.  Also, in a T.V. interview with Yovani Gallardo, the reporter asked him about Zack.  Yovani all of a sudden got very nervous,  like he wasn’t supposed to say anything.

What Do You Think??????

I think something smells “FISHY”……….