-David S.-
-Kyle S.-
The last series between the Texas Rangers and the LA Angels could not have been more entertaining to watch! The series had absolutely no pitching whatsoever  with the teams combining for 76 runs (Angels 40 runs Rangers 36 runs) and 20 Home Runs! On my behalf I can come out and say the one game that I watched when the Rangers came back for a 6 run deficit to win 11-10 in extras was the most entertaining game i have ever watched on a television screen. Now going into this series it was looked at by judging who has the upper hand on the AL West right now but you can’t really tell when they split the series…….. in an epic way. That division is a tossup  right now if the A’s can stay hot. Now my opinion on this is the Angels are the biggest threat in the major leagues right now with Greinke coming in to help, Albert finally on a huge tear and is once agin over 20 HR I don’t want to face the Angels, but then again the Rangers are pretty darn good too. This was a great series to watch and will be interesting to watch these 2 teams duke it out for the remaining period of ball to be played!