-David S.-

Music has always been an important part of the “ball park experience.”  Who doesn’t love to hear “Benny and the Jets” on the organ during a game?????

MLB players have to pick a “Walk Up” song to be played at their home fields when they bat.    For fans, these songs can become synonomous with the individual players.  Sounds simple enough, but is it?  Personally, I have a new favorite song every other week so I think it would be difficult.  So what goes into choosing it?

Here’s a list of what I think players might  think about:

  • Does it get you pumped up for hitting?
  • Is it supposed to be funny and put on a show?
  • Are you trying to express your self?
  • Does this song say I am   (fill in blank)  .   [ Redneck?,  Ghetto?,  “Goth”?,   a Rocker?,  Christian?, Thug?, Young?, Old?, Someone with bad/good taste in music?]

One player with a great walk up song is Bryce Harper, who has “Bad to the Bone.”  It’s old school, has an intimidating riff, and is an overall great song to get pumped up on.

This past week, for my final baseball game of the season, I had to choose a song to be played while I battecd at Haelfer Field – part of Miller Park.  So I chose “Sexy and I Know It” 🙂 No explanation needed – the title says it all…….  😉