The Baltimore Orioles have taken FIRST PLACE in the American League East  by passing the Yankees.  They haven’t taken first place since 1997 –  15 years ago.  This is probably one of the most unpredicited, unexpected success stories of the baseball season.  The Orioles have very low  offensive numbers as a team this year.

               Orioles Stats

  • .247BA (21st) in the league
  • 1133 hits (21st)
  • 168 home runs (5th)
  • .311 (23rd)
  • 3.98 ERA (16th)

If you look at the stats, they really are not impressive.  How did a team with mediocre stats and no expectations for a stellar season get to be in first place over the Yankees?  Could there be a little luck involved here? –  more like Divine Intervention. I think that the Orioles will make it to the playoffs but not get far at all.  I say they win the Wild Card and lose to the Angels.

Nice Job Jimmy!!!

Jimmy Rollins, shortstop of the Philles has reached number 2,000 in the hit column.  He has joined Mike Schmidt, Ed Delahanty, and Richie Ashburn as the only Philles playaer to reach this milestone.  Rollins is only the  30th switch-hitter to reach 2,000.  Jimmy Rollins, 33 years old, will now be on the quest for 3,000.

WILL HE REACH 3,000???