Wily Peralta, Brewer’s top pitching prospect, joined the active roster for the annual September call-ups.  On Wednesday he got the chance for his first Major League start.  I have been looking forward to seeing him pitch all year.  He went out to try and impress the skipper, and that’s just what he did!  Wily pitched almost 7 innings with 3 runs.  There really should’ve only been 1 run because Kameron Loe put his pitches on a platter for the Marlins, and Loe almost blew the game.  Wily did end up with the win and in my opinion pitched a gem.  I hope to see him in the rotation next year.  GREAT JOB WILY!!!

During this game Aramis Ramirez exited the game with a back issue.  The good news is that my main hopeful,  Taylor Green, got called up.  If you know me I’m the BIGGEST TAYLOR GREEN FAN EVER!!!!!!!! Hopefully he can put up good numbers and earn a spot next year.