The Nationals’ ace, Stephen Strasburg, received the painful news that he never wanted to hear.  Manager Davey Johnson informed Stephen that he would be shutdown after reaching his innings limit.  He ended his season with 159 1/3 innings pitched.  He was shutdown due to a  2010 Tommy John Surgery and missed the 2011 season.  The Nationals were making sure that he was healthy.  Strasburg finished the 2012 season at 15-6 with a 3.16 ERA, an absolute Cy Young candidate.  Why would they shut him down?  As I said earlier it is  to insure  that he stay healthy, but he seemed fine.  The Nationals have the best record in baseball and are preparing to make a big playoff push.  Stephen would be a big part of their postseason.  All season I’ve heard about his innings limit, but I don’t think anyone actually expected the Nats to this good. I think they  were put in an odd situation with Strasburg.  I think that they made a mistake by ending his season, because he seems perfectly healthy and if the Nats want to be serious contenders you would have to think they would’ve kept him active.