Ryan Braun, all star left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers has a chance to become the National League’s  MVP for the second year in a row!  One of the points to consider is that the player’s team needs to be a contender.  “Shout Out” to my team, the Brewers, who are getting closer to a wild card place after an exciting late season  run!   The numbers are there and he is currently the NL leader in Home Runs (41), second in RBIs (103), second in runs (95), fifth in  batting average (.312).  These numbers are superb.  He is actually looking better this year than he did last year. The only thing that is lower is his batting average.

I believe that Ryan has shown he is a great player despite the “cloud of suspicion” regarding performance enhancing drugs.  This year has been a horrific one for Braun, filled with BOOs, jokes and angry crowds.  After the whole drug thing people might think he still is a cheater.  I think that Braun will face some discrimination that may prevent him from receiving the MVP award.  Can you imagine going up to the plate with 50-60,000 people booing? To all the “haters” and “doubters”,  Ryan Braun has proven himself to be an MVP in my book!!!