-David S.-

Big Yawn, Little Yawn……..

Once again,  two of the most hated teams in baseball,  the Cardinals and Yankees, have advanced to the NLCS. The Cards will face the Giants and Yanks verse the Tigers.  The Cardinals beat the Washington Nationals and the Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles to advance in five games.   The Nationals and Orioles were the teams I was rooting for – Boy, I suck and should never gamble!!!


The Oriole-Yankee series was great and down to the wire.  No team ever went back to back games in this series and the Yankees just came out on top in game 5.  C.C. Sabathia proved he was a true “ace” again looking phenomenal (What do you know,  an ex-Brewer).  Mr. Overrated, A-Rod got BENCHED in game five.  Joe Girardi benched him because they really needed to win and did what was best for the team. ( Alex Rodriguez was totally healthy and ready but, not worthy)  Yanks have A rod for five more years (and $114 million).  The Yankees did end up winning without him though.  SO, once again, OVERRATED!  GO TIGERS!


This series also went five games.  Sadly one of my least favorite teams, a Brewer arch enemy,  came out on top.  The Wild Card Cards stunned the Nationals by taking them down.  This was a dramatic series with Jayson Werth sending the Nationals to game five with a walk-off home run.  I was really cheering for Nationals in their freak breakout season.  They were firing on all cylinders and I thought they had a chance to win it all.  I guess not.  The Cardinals will now face the Giants.   GO GIANTS!!!!

My least two favorite teams in baseball are the Cardinals and the Yankees.  The Cardinals are dirty and hard to beat. The Yankees think they can buy the whole dang league and they are the most overrated team in sports history.  Let’s not talk about their 23 WS wins…. wink, wink – sarcasm.  I was praying to see either team get knocked out.  I’ll cheer against them on any given day, but the playoffs renew my hatred of those teams.  I really hope I see the Cards and Yanks lose and see the Giants or Tigers win it all.   My prediction is Cardinals vs. Tigers.  Tigers win it all. Once again, I don’t clain to be a gamblin man.