-David S.-

If you would like to see the list of my ridiculous injuries click here! If you know me, I’m known for odd injuries. O.K., I’m a bit “accident prone”……

As I was going to my last baseball game,  I had a swollen black eye.   I couldn’t decide whether to tell my teammates that I got hit in the eye with a football  or tell them the truth.   Being the honest kid that I am, here goes…I actually got hit in my eye with a cob of corn.  It’s a really long story….not one of my shining moments 🙂 but I a even had corn kernal marks on my face 😦

My mom told one of my teammate’s grandpa about it and when I came up to the plate he yelled, “C’mon cob of corn!!!!”  I almost started laughing while batting.   I’m sure this won’t be the end………STAY TUNED

Here’s an illustration of what it looked like from the movie “Nach Libre.”   🙂 🙂 🙂