-David S.-

Sweeping usually activates my “flight” response because it involves kitchen chores – but NOT THIS WEEK!


I witnessed a great event that nearly brought tears to my eyes between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers.  The Tigers SWEPT the Yankees in four games in th ALCS.  Time to pop the champagne Detroit!  Or Mt. Dew in my case…..The Yankees seemed to be falling apart!  Players Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher, Russel Martin, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, Eric Chavez, and Brett Gardener all had batting averages under .200 during this postseason.  SEVEN players from the Yankees UNDERPERFORMED – .  These are also pretty big names you hear every day on SportsCenter.  With these stats you don’t deserve to  win anything at all.

Now let’s talk about the biggest story from this sereis, Alex Rodriguez.  He was benched in games 3 and 4 of the ALCS , for failure of production and his career as a Yankee is in jeopardy.-sucker!  Eric Chavez was filling in for A-rod in these games.  According to SportsCenter, if A-Rod was benched again he would be a Yankee no more.  They said he could be traded most likely to the Marlins because he lives around there and he would probably accept a trade there.  (Good luck sporting that ugly uniform ;)-No one would take on his millions of dollars on his contract, so the Yankees would have to pay a chunk of change to get rid of him.  Generally, most teams would only pay 5 million dollars for a 37 year old veteran.  The Yankees could be stuck  paying over a 100 millon dollars – suckers…..

After all of this  Alex came out and said, “I will be back, I have a lot to prove and I will be back — on a mission.”  Good luck old man!  I guess it’s possible……hope not!  He would have to accept a trade so we could see him back as a Yankee.  If he wants to come back next season he’s going to need to really work  on his rapidly decreasing performance.

The Yankees would still be a power house team with or without A-rod on their team.  Good luck Tigers!  SHOUT OUT TO PRINCE!!!!!!   We miss you!!