-David S.-

Finally, the stage is set for the 108th World Series.  The San Francisco Giants versus the Detroit Tigers.  The playoffs were exciting and it all comes down to this.  We’re in for a wild ride in this series.

The Tigers just DOMINATED the Yankees in a sweep….OH YEAH!!!!!!!!  A-Rod got benched the last two games and his career as a Yankee is in jeopardy.  The Tigers go in very confident and hopefully not
“cold” from their days off.

The series between the Giants and Cardinals was wild.  Going into game 5 it looked like the Cards were strong and getting in the WS easily with a 3-1 lead.  The Giants never gave up and won game 5.  Then 6….  Hold on, the Giants just tied this things up.  The Cardinals are falling apart, what is happening.  In game 7 the Giants blew away the Cardinals 9-o!    The Giants go into this World Series loaded with momentum and firing on all cylinders.

The best part is that the  two teams that  I hate the most got eliminated! 🙂

This WS could be one for the ages.  Two great well deserving teams are playing and both seem nearly unstoppable right now.  Can the Tigers defend the HOT Giants?  Will the Giants stay hot and defeat the loaded Tigers offense featuring a Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder duo.

I say Tigers win in 6 games ( as a die hard Brewer Fan, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Prince.)  It’ll be a very dramatic series and I know I’ll be tuned in.

What’s your take?