-David S.-

As many of my readers know, I am  often followed by the black cloud of “freak injuries.” After feeling embarassed over my last fiasco, a.k.a. corn on the cob in my eye…….  I did some research and found that I am not alone!!!!!! 🙂  Every once and a while I’ll be posting  strange MLB injuries .  Believe me they are pretty dang wacky (o.k. no one says pretty dang wacky).  So here’s just a few:

Sammy Sosa, of the Chicago Cubs, back in the day, sneezed violently, and missed a game with back spasms. He also missed a game because he slept on his shoulder wrong.  Once I’ve sneezed, knocked my head on the counter and pulled a muscle in my neck in one violent motion.  It sounds wimpy, but YOU know you’ve done something like this…..right?

Ricky Henderson missed games do to frostbite.  This happened one August many years back.  How??

Brian Giles missed some time because of spider bites.  My sister’s worst nightmare!!!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. He missed a game because his cup slipped and pinched you know what…OUCH!!!!