The “Physics” of baseball has an interesting impact on the game.  There is a significant relationship between the bat, the ball and the wealther as well!  Sure we know the “basics”, but did you know…………..

A ball that would travel 400 in “normal conditions”  would go:

  • 6  feet farther if the altitude was 1,000 feet or higher
  • 4  feet farther if the temp is 10 degrees warmer
  • 4  feet farther if the ball is 10 degrees warmer
  • 3 1/2  feet farther if the pitcher is 5 mph faster.
  • 30 feet farther with an aluminum bat.

To hit the ball  the maxium distance possible the ball has to come off the bat on a a 35 -degree angle? By the way, the furthest a ball could ever travel hit off a bat is 545 feet (unless there is some wacky weather.)

A line drive goes 300 feet in 4 seconds.  A fly ball would go 294 feet in 4.3 seconds.

Only a 10 mph wind can push a fly ball back by 30 feet – Homerun Denied!!!   For example, a 400 foot hit could be turned into 370 feet.  WOW!

When the bat meets the ball the contact only lasts for about 1/1000 of a second!

If you swing 1/100 of a second too soon  your ball is in the left field seats. Late into right field seats.  You only have 4/100 of a second to react to the pitch.  You really need to react fast!