-David S.-

Have you ever heard of the Garbank brothers?  Don’t worry I don’t think 99.9999999 percent of baseball fans don’t know who Mike and Bob Garbank were.  They are infamous for having careers with some interesting statistics.

The Garbank brothers had a “spooky” 1944 season.  They both were catchers in the American League. Look at their stats……Mike played in 80 games with a .261 average.  Bob only got in 18, yet also achieved a .261 average.    Believe it or not both threw out exactly 39 percent of would-be basestealers in their careers!  EVEN crazier, both had the same amount of total career games. SPOOKY and STATISTICALLY unlikely!

WOW!  People usually say siblings look alike, but not play alike.  Most of the time one brother is more gifted in sports..not these two.  Coincidence or not?