-David S.-

Could you ever imagine seeing a one-armed Major Leauger?  I know I can’t, but Pete Gray was just that-a major league athlete with only one arm.  He was called up in 1945 to help fill St. Louis’s roster during 1945.  He got played 77 games and hit .218. -What an amazing accomplishment!!

How did he play?  I mean that it is hard to play well with two arms, but it is unbelievably hard to play baseball missing an arm.   How did he field?  Did he catch the ball, flip off his glove, get the ball with his hand, and throw it?  He must have hit with one hand.  What a remarkable player. I am very surprised he even got a chance to play since he was missing an arm.  Moral of the story….NO EXCUSES — Make the most of any situation or circumstance.  If there is a will, there IS a way!