-David S.-

The New York Yankees, I believe will finally collapse and not be the powerhouse of the league.  Thank GOD!!  We saw last year that they did indeed struggle, but this year things look worse.  Everyone is getting  old – and on the verge of “has been” status!  Not that being old makes you less talented, it’s just that many players may be getting towards the end of their careers while completing against good young talent.  The entire 2013 projected lineup is at, or over 30 years old except Brett Gardner (29).  Ichiro, 39 has to hit a roadblock soon.  He keeps putting up good numbers, but I believe now he’ll regress greatly.  Kevin Youkilis, 33 isn’t that amazing and don’t expect him to put up huge numbes as he’s only getting older.  Travis Hafner is nearing his end at 35.  Hafner has never been a star, but has been very solid.   Injuries are also becoming a problem.  Centerfielder, Curtis Granderson fractured his forearm and will be out to early May.   Mark Teixeira has a partially torn tendon sheath; he is expected to return within 8-10 weeks.  Season-ending surgery could occur if it doesn’t heal well.  Derek Jeter is battling with a bad ankle right now.  No one is sure if he’ll be ready for opening day.  Jeter looks like he’ll retire within the next few years being 38 years of age.  Then you have Alex Rodriguez…….Out untill at least the All-Star break.  Who cares!?!?!?!  It’s not like A-rod will actuatly start to hit the ball this year.

I really think the Yankees offense is in trouble this year.  I don’t think I have ever seen this in my short lifetime.  I absolutely love saying it!  You saw those names, and those are some star players!  If they are missing key pieces to the team I don’t think they’ll even make it to the playoffs this year.  Maybe as a Wild Card.  The division around them is only getting tougher.  The Rays, Orioles,  and Blue Jays are really turning into hardcore contenders.  No easy fight.  If the Yankees reign ends who will take over the AL East?