-David S.-

Do you like Major League Baseball players using performance enhancing drugs?  Would you like to see the steroid era to end?  I believe the MLB should have a strong rule. This rule would state if you are proven guilty with performance enhancing drugs, you would be kicked out of the league.  I also believe PED tests should be performed very often and if guilty you would get a massive cut from your salary.

Performance enhancing drugs are used by athletes to improve their play.  Some drugs could be steroids, which build muscle to make you stronger.  Some players use drugs to give themselves more energy and let oxygen flow easier through the blood stream.  These substances can become addictive and even start to destroy your body.  Something must be done!

I believe that the MLB should implement more drug tests.  These tests would be very often and random.  A test would take place around once every two weeks.  More testing would be a great thing for many reasons.  Even though drug tests are already random, they would be more often now.  This could easily catch more players taking PEDs.  Since players don’t know when the new test is coming, they would probably not take anything because it would be easier to catch them.

Another punishment I would implement is a salary deduction of 75% of all money they have earned previously in the MLB and no future salary.  What person wants to lose mass amounts of money?  Most players sign for the money and this would be an incentive not to cheat.  I believe players wouldn’t want to take the risk of losing a huge amount of money earned just to cheat.

A third solution to this issue is being kicked out of Major League Baseball if you are proven guilty with performance enhancing drugs.  This is probably the harshest rule, but it will be effective.  In the past if you were caught, you would probably get a fifty game suspension.  If you would be caught again you would receive a longer suspension.  I think that if you are ever guilty, you should be automatically kicked out of the league.  No player will want to get kicked out because they love baseball.  This new rule should really send a message to the players

Most importantly, this would simply clean up the game.  Who doesn’t want to see some clean, fairly played baseball?  I feel that if these rules are enforced the cloud of suspicion over superstars will drift away also.  I feel that too many players have been caught and a change must be made.   You won’t have the steroid chanting crowds either.  I don’t see why these new rules could be bad.

I’m sure people will be asking what about offenders from the past?  Shouldn’t they be kicked out?  This is a plan for all future PED offenses, not the past.  If there is a player that has a record of performance enhancing drugs they will still be playing.  They would have to be proven guilty again in order to face these penalties.

There is no reason these rules shouldn’t be implemented.  Only good things are bound to come.  Baseball will once again be a clean sport.  Who wouldn’t want that?  I strongly believe that if these rules are implemented the steroid era will truly end.