-David S.-

In baseball there is the designated hitter (DH).  I personally don’t like the DH and I think it should be abolished.

The DH is a bad rule .  The pitcher plays the field and he should have the right to hit.  If you play the field you should bat.  Nine positions on the field and nine spots in the batting order.  It makes sense, right? I don’t understand why the DH was ever established.  Another thing I don’t get is that why is almost every pitcher a horrid hitter?  I understand they almost solely focus on pitching, but they gotta have some time to hit.  Furthermore, you would think they would have an “edge” in hitting the ball, like some “secret” info….. Back in the day pitchers could slug the ball, especially Babe Ruth.  Ruth could hit and pitch extremely well.

I hope the American League abolishes this, but I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon.