-David S.-

Here are some of the early season phenoms this year.  All stats are of May 18.  I only chose hitters.  I will be doing another article about pitchers soon to come.  I left out the household names because they are already stars.

Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez

It’s been a pretty ugly year for my Brewers.  I mean they are currently below the Cubs!  Did you read that…BELOW THE CUBS!!!!   There has been two bright spots that broke out this year.  Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez have been on a tear.  The Brewers took a risk and signed Gomez to an extension and so far it has paid off.  Jean Segura has exceeded expectations at every aspect of the game.  Gomez and Segura have been bouncing up and down for the lead of batting average in the NL.  Hopefully this guys can keep it up.

Stat line:

Jean Segura: 54 hits 7 HR 18 RBI .351 BA

Carlos Gomez: 51 hits 6 HR 18 RBI .352 BA

Justin Upton

How could I leave out the NL leader of home runs.  Justin Upton of the Atlanta Braves has returned to his old star form.  He had a decent year last year, but he’s back to ferocious Justin Upton.  He has really been showing his Brother B. J. who has been struggling.

Stat line:

Justin Upton: 41 hits 14 HR 28 RBI .285 BA

James Loney

James has been nothing more than subpar in his entire career.  He joined the Rays for a new start and seems unstoppable!  He is currently second in the race for the batting title.  I don’t know if James can keep it up, but it’s been a great start.

Stat line:

James Loney: 46 hits 3 HR 21 RBI .371 BA