-David S.-

I had a very interesting day at Miller Park today.  Did you know that for the “low” price of about $25,000 per team, the Brewer’s organization “rents” the stadium to youth baseball teams for exhibition games?  Yeh, do the math – about $50,000 per game………to see your kid play there.  – no comment, cough cough…!   I was there to see my cousin, on the Wisconsin Wildcats u13, beat the Fort Atkinson Blackhawks.  With my feet up on the dugout – no lie,  a funny thing happened.  My cousin Benny felt something mysterious hit his head, jumped up and screamed……” I was pooped on by a bird!”  I mean really, of all the times!  His reaction was just hilarious as he wiped it off his hat.  My mom yelled, get your poopy hands out of the cotton candy!

As the game was ending I saw Brewers pitcher Marco Estrada standing in the dugout just watching the game with my cousin.   He walked over down the foul line and  I ran over there to say hi.  I thought he would be friendly because he was one of the nicest brewers I met at Brewers on Deck.  Then I remembered that I handed him a card about my blog!  So I asked him about it.  He said that he  remembered me and that he did check it out!  Then he pulled out his phone to show me that he’s a fan of Bleacher Boy!!!!   This was one of the best days of my life!  I found out a Brewer was reading my blog!!!!!!!!  Thank you Marco, you’re a great man! How about an interview, man to man? I promise not to ask about Braun!