-David S.-

Here’s a tip to every fan who is trying to collect  baseballs from pro players during batting practice and games.  Always bring your cute little sister, or in my case a twin sister!  My twin, Sophie,  caught the attention of Khris Davis and Ron Wooten.   They must be thinking, “Let’s throw this nice little girl a baseball!!!!”  So I ended up catching two baseballs thrown her way!  To top it off, she barehanded a Jonathan Lucroy homerun ball while we ate dinner at TGI Friday’s terrace in left field.  Yeh, she’s a beast.  WAY TO GO SOPH!

Also players love going to sections where there are cute little girls screaming their name.  I told Sophie, scream MARK TRUMBO!  I ended the night with the slugging first baseman’s autograph as well as Kole Calhoun’s.

( Cute college age sisters, like my sib, Delilah, can help get you pictured dancing on the Jumbotron.  )

TALK ABOUT A CLUTCH SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“OMG!!!! Lucroy hit this ball!!!!!” -Sophie