-David S.-

Well, you’ve heard all about my twin, Soph’s clutchnessSHE HAS DONE IT AGAIN!   I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures!! On Tuesday I went to the Brewer and Cub game for mini family reunion with our Chicago Cub relatives.  We went early again to TGI Friday’s to eat some glorious pretzels!  The ball catching begins!  Sophie and I were yelling to players for balls. Sophie  finally got the attention of reliever, Brandon Kintzler and he threw her a ball.  Then the craziest thing happened.  The ball bounced off the railing, hit our table, bounced off the wall, hit our table again, and shot right back to Kintzler in a matter of seconds.  He threw it right back to us.  Then another Brewer threw us a ball.  And then when the Cubs took the field, they threw her a ball again.

After leaving the restaurant we split up to both get autographs.  Soph…..OF COURSE gets another ball.  I was unsuccessful at getting autographs, but again OF COURSE Soph ends up with an autograph from Cub’s players Logan Watkins and Brooks Raley.

I learned two valuable lessons that day:

1.  My sister is very kind and has a soft heart – she walked over and handed one of her baseballs to an elderly Cub Fan sitting all by himself with a baseball glove on his hand.  He had the biggest smile on his face.

2.  Players definitely prefer to give practice balls and autographs to girls rather than stinky boys…………duh, I know.