-David S.-

I have terrible, just terrible luck that follows me whenever I get a new jersey!    I did publish a post like this a year ago, but the list continues to grow !!


Last Christmas I got a few football jerseys. We all know, they aren’t cheap.  Robert Griffin III, Aaron Rodgers, and Russel Wilson are added to my collection – BOOM!  –   RGIII tears his ACL snd Aaron Rodgers  breaks his collarbone.  A few years ago the Green Bay Packers had a running back named Ryan Grant.  I bought his jersey and got his autograph! So excited, then he has a horrible ankle injury and was never the same!  I also have a Clay Matthews shirt, which my mom tries to snag.   Guess what!?!?! He breaks his thumb!!!!!!!!!

That’s just football… my cursed luck is even worse with baseball!

Doug Melvin, Brewers GM, makes a clutch trade to acquire C.C. Sabathia in 2008.  Out of pure excitement I had to buy a jersey!  Then, BOOM!,  he’s gone…..  Rickie Weeks has a dominating all-star season and gets a nice contract.  I thought it was safe to get his jersey, but no…oh, no.  Injury prone and unproductive!  Same thing happened with Yovani Gallrado! I get the Brewers had a blockbuster trade to receive Cy Young winner Zack Greinke???  He gets traded to L.A. -Another useless jersey.  Remember when the Brewers had Casey McGehee?  He played like a total Beast!!!  I try to shake things up and go for the new guy, since my luck with veterans stinks.  Buy his jersey…he then stinks!  I mean he was so awful-GONE!  Same thing with Mat Gamel.  Gets hurt two years in a row and the Cubs picked him up off of waivers.  I thought I’d be safe with Brewer favorite, Corey Hart. Wrong!  Last winter I was so excited to get his shirt!  Then….season-ending knee surgery and becomes a free agent!  As soon as I get a John Axford jersey; he performed poorly and got traded!  Prince Fielder left Milwaukee!  I literally got a Norichika Aoki shirt during the last home game in Milwaukee….BOOM! -gone!

My favorite player as a kid, J.J. Hardy, was a total idol to me!  For my birthday my brother got me a retro 1980s Hardy jersey. It was sweet!  Shortly after my birthday, he gets traded to the TWINS for Carlos Gomez!  My friend Kyle gave me a Carlos Gomez shirt.  He got hurt that week and was out a few weeks.  Taylor Green , eager rookie hopeful…hip surgery!  Favorite player David Wright gets puts on the DL days after I get his jersey in Cooperstown, NY.  He then gets plunked in the head against the Brewers!

Ryan Braun…….that’s all I’m gonna say…

RUSSEL WILSON IS THE ONLY SAFE ONE!! It’s only a matter of time…

For Christmas I’m asking for an Andrew McCutchen jersey.  SORRY in advance to Pittsburgh fans everywhere.

PERHAPS I SHOULD CHANGE MY JERSEY PREFERENCE TO CAREERS I WANT ENDED?!?!?!?!? So…any career that you would like to see ended?