-David Strobach-


I have been a little obsessed with baseball history since I started reading Bill James’ Historical Baseball Abstract.  As I read, I would love to post baseball history fun facts to share cool new content!

Did you know that in the 1870s  pitchers had to have a completely stiff arm and throw underhand from only 45 feet away? Baseball was originally closer to fast-pitch softball than the game it is now days! Instead of the four balls for a walk now days, back in the 1870s you were allowed 9 balls.  The batter had the choice of whether he wanted a high or low pitch.  The most interesting rule that I found about early baseball was that if a ball ever bounced in fair territory, in the infield, it was always fair.  You could theoretically hit a line drive in the dirt and have it ricochet into foul territory and have it considered a fair ball.  Baseball has the richest history of any sport! So, I  look forward to sharing more interesting stories as I dive deeper into my research!