-David Strobach-

If you are a frequent visitor to this site, you probably barely recognize it!  Over the past few months I have worked on recreating Bleacher Boy as well as securing my own official domain,   BleacherBoy.com!  You can also find my new fresh logo in the top left of this site too as I am now able to brand myself!  If you are a new viewer, WELCOME!

So let me reintroduce myself…

My name is David Strobach, the 16 year-old author/owner of this site. Baseball has been my passion since I could hold a bat.  I have been writing and maintaining “Bleacher Boy” since I was 12.  My goal is to write professionally one day, and hopefully be able to report on baseball. Over the past four years, Bleacher Boy has grown and is viewed in over 100 countries!  I have been a Top 100 MLBlog every year on MLB.com since 2013 and  have been featured on Fox News! To get a feel for this site, check out a few of my top posts.

Bleacher Boy is a platform for me to share my personal views and report on all things baseball related.  As a young teen, student athlete,  I bring a very unique perspective to the table.  I tend to focus my writing towards coaches and young athletes sharing my take on various aspects of the game that effect young athletes to professional players.  I often like to discuss the mental game for example.  It fascinates me how a game of failure can be used to mirror our life in so many ways.  Sabermetrics is also a passion of mine – don’t run in fear, I promise not to bore you with math – but I will share some interesting analysis of how numbers play a factor in the success and failure of a team or individual.

Thanks for helping me jump start Bleacher Boy as I begin an exciting new era! I hope you will continue to join me as I share my passion for the game and life.   As always, I welcome any comments and advice.

Looking forward to the future with you all!

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