Aggressive Hitters VS. Patient Hitters Part 1

Which is better at the plate, a patient hitter or an aggressive hitter? 

Let’s  get aggressive ….

Aggressive hitters go after many pitches and always try to hit the ball.  You approach the box as if you’re going into battle and ready to attack! Being aggressive can be a good and a bad thing.  You don’t want to be too aggressive because you can become too predictable and swing at everything.  Yuniesky Betancourt of the Royals (2011 Brewer) is a great an example of being too aggressive.  I had to watch his horrible hitting and it was painful.   Occassionally, he would crush the ball, but that didn’t overshadow what happened most of the time. Was it just me or did he swing and pop up the first pitch almost every at bat.  He made me sooooooooooo frustrated.  Betancourt seemed to have the mind-set of “I gotta swing at every pitch and get a big hit it!!!” Almost desperate to make something happen, he swung at almost every first pitch often popping up or striking. If I could predict what he would do at the plate,  the pitchers definitely did and used it to their advantage.

There are also many great aggressive hitters.  If you are a good aggressive hitter you always will go up to bat with a mind-set of “I’m gonna hit this, but I won’t swing if it’s not near the zone.”  These types of hitters are always ready to take a wack at the ball and make some sort of contact, but if it’s not there they simply don’t swing.  Josh Hamilton of the Rangers and Ryan Braun are great examples of great aggressive hitters. They approach ready to battle but will lay off the “bad” pitches.  My baseball coach has this philosophy and it really works.  My team was crushing the ball over the weekend with 3 home runs and many monster hits.  In the next few days I’ll be talking about patient hitters and my personal opinion

Please Comment on your opinion of aggressive hitters.

It’s Good Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

My definition of Good Friday:  Brewers (my  favorite team ever) Opening Day and no school.

Marlins Opening Day Starts off with Rainbow Feathered Showgirls, Ends with NO Pot of Gold as they are defeated by Cardinals

As I saw the opening of Marlins Park and the player entrances, I thought it seemed kind of strange.  The players walked onto the field with a showgirl in a feather covered costume.  I didn’t get that at all.

If you saw the Cardinal game against the Marlins, you had to be impressed with the pitching performance of Kyle Lohse.  He had a no-hitter going untill the 7th inning and only let off 1 earned run.  Kyle was almost the second pitcher  in history to throw a no-hitter on Opening Day.   The Cardinals hope this great pitching will continue through the season.  It looks like David Freese started just as he ended 2011. He had 3 hits with 2 rbis.  This was great game to start off the season.  I look forward to watching more and more baseball.

What’s Next!!!!

Hi Bleacher Boy followers!  It’s Dave and Kyle here and we will tell you about our idea for the stretch ahead.  Starting ASAP we will be posting 2 articles a week (on Fridays).   If there are any topics, suggestions, or anything you would like our take on we will be pleased to do that!  Please understand that If we get tons of suggestions (WHICH WE WANT) we will get back to you and tell you which week your article or question will be put into our form on the blog. If there is also a better day we could air our blogs for you please let us know, but Friday works best because of our tight baseball schedules!  Once again THANK YOU 100% and if there is anything to make the blog better for you let us know.
                                                      Dave and Kyle

My Friend Kyle’s Time at Spring Training

Hi! It’s one of David’s co writers, Kyle.  I’m going to tell you the great time I had in spring training and the very special things I got to do!  First I am going to talk about just the atmosphere. ITS SO GREAT!  Walking around the ballpark (Maryvale) with all the facilities so open to public and to watch the fans who traveled from Milwaukee like me having a great time.  The players in spring training really make an effort to make this a fan oriented experience.  The players and coaches sign tons of autographs and do a lot of cool baseball drills that would make a little league coach starstruck!  THE GAMES.  The games at the park are great to watch your favorite players like Braun, Weeks, Morgan, and the youngsters who are trying so hard and are so hard on themselves because they want to make the team so badly.  They are a blast.  PREVIEW. Overall from what I saw the team looked great but have there spotty areas for sure. I was very impressed with weeks who hit very well and covered
more ground at second than I thought he could after his injury.  Matt Gamel looked great offensively but FAR from perfect defensively.  One problem I spotted was shortstop.  GONZO will be solid but the backup being Cesar Izturis looked bad with about 4 errors in 3 games I saw and went about 1-10 at the plate. YIKES. MY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!  On thursday March 8th at 1:05 PM (ya I remember it that well).  I got the offer of a lifetime.  My bud Seth’s father was friends with Marcus Hannel, the bullpen catcher and he got me and Seth to be batboys for the team for the game against the reds.  We were so excited. THE DAY, THE DREAM!  The day started out with Seth and I getting suited up into uniform in the clubhouse! We then walked out of the tunnel the players do with our instructor, Carlos Gomez and Aramis Ramirez. Then the game started and I was starstruck. Standing 2 feet away from the central of the sports world for a long time was awesome.  I knew I had a job to do now though, but a cool one, I got to set up the on deck circle and hold all the players bats.  I also learned the club is very close and loose and very funny.  One thing they did was talked spanish to Norichika Aoki but there all very nice to him and he seems to enjoy it. They also have some crazy nicknames. Another moment I loved was when an idiot Reds fan started to chant steroids, steroids while Braun was at bat, but then CRACK he responded to the junk with a towering bomb that would have hit the scoreboard at Miller.  I then grabbed his bat came back and slapped him five that was awesome. Overall this was an experience of a lifetime for me cause I love the game and appreciated this.  I LOVED IT.  I also learned a lot more about the team and the game.  IT WAS SO COOL.  Thanks for reading.  One more thing SHOUTOUT TO MARCUS HANNEL #55 YOUR AN AWESOME GUY, THANK YOU.

Thank You Everyone!!!!!!!

I just noticed on MLB.com Blogs Central that my blog is ranked #24 in the fan section.  I want to thank all of the my viewers for supporting me and helping me achieve this.  I hope you all look forward to reading more of Bleacher Boy.  And maybe next month my blog will be higher up.

Should Pitchers Be Able to Win MVP Since They Have Their Own Award???

I’ve heard that some people don’t like seeing pitchers win the MVP award.  They think that they shouldn’t win it because they have the Cy Young award.  I don’t see why people think pitchers shouldn’t win the MVP award.  MVP does mean most valuable player.  So if the pitcher has such an incredible year and dominates everyone like Justin Verlander, I think they deserve it.  The MVP isn’t specifically for non pitchers.  Hitters have an award called the Hank Aaron award.  This is given out to the top hitters.  So you could say the same that the batters have an award for hitting.  If you are the most valuable player it means you contribute the most to your team to help them win.  Verlander did just that with 24 wins, 5 losses, and 2.40 ERA.

NL Central Team Previews: Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are my favorite team and I hope that they’ll do good this year. They have had one major change in the departure Prince Fielder.

Can Aramis and Gamel make up for Fielder? 

One of the biggest questions for the Brewers is that can Gamel and Aramis make up for Fielder?  I think that Aramis and Gamel will have good enough years to almost make up Fielder.  Fielder is the only big player the Brewers will be missing.  I honestly think they will do fine with out him.  The Brewers have other players like Hart who can play some first base and he can crush the ball.  With Braun avoiding the suspension he will help this offense.  If Rickie Weeks can stay healthy and be consistent he will be a very big part of the team.  During the offseason the Brewers signed Alex Gonzalez, who has agreat glove, but a horrible bat.  It’ll be interesting to see how Japanese superstar, Norichika Aoki.  The Brew Crew’s offense is good without Prince Fielder.

All 5 Starters Are Back in Action for 2012

Last year the starters were Yovani Gallrado, Zack Grenike, Shaun Marcum, Randy Wolf, and Chris Narveson.  They all gathered up 10 wins and guess what, they are all back for the 2012 season.  If they can do the same thing they did last year the Brewers will be fine.  Since Zack Grenike won’t be hurt for the start of the season, he’ll strengthen the rotation.  As a shout out to Zack, DON’T PLAY BASKETBALL AND DAMAGE YOUR RIB AGAIN.  If the starters can get through 6 ininngs the bullpen looks lights out.  In the seventh you’ll have Jose Veras and in the eighth you have K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez).  To close things off you’ll see John Axford.

This year I think the Brewers have a good shot to get deep into the playoffs.  They’ll win the wild card most likely and lose in the NLCS (again).

New MLB Playoff Format

The MLB has expanded the playoff system for the third time now.  In each league there will be two wild card teams and they face off in a one game elimination.  This game will be played on Friday, October 5.  Then the winner will advance on to a division winner and play them.  It’ll still be a 5 game series, but the lower seed will play the first two games home and final three away, making it a 2-3 format.  Next year it will return back to 2-2-1, which is the team with home field advantage will play the first two games home and same with the last game for the division series .  Now two teams from the same division can face off in the division series.  The WC and NLCS will remain the same.  I really like this new format.  Now more teams can have a shot at the championship.  I’m also happy to just watch more baseball even if it is only another game or so.  One way I see this happened is because more games will bring more money.  I really hope this wasn’t part of the discussion.  I hope you look forward to this new playoff format.  Please comment your opinion on the new format.

Baseball Expressions Continued

Now I’ll explain to you what these expressions mean.  There will be some new ones because of requests from viewers.  Before you read this make sure you have already taken the quiz.  Here are the answers.

Tools of ignorance: The catcher’s gear.

Can of Corn: An easy catch.

Basket Catch: Catching the ball at belt level.

In the Hole: The batter after that on-deck hitter.

Golden Sombrero: 4 strikeouts in one game.

Dying Quail: A ball that drops unexpectedly.

Texas Leaguer: A super shallow fly ball that lands for a hit.

Crackerjack: The best player.

Yakker/Bender/Uncle Charlie: A sharp curveball.

Meatball: A pitch right down the middle, easy to hit.

Viewer Requests

Chin Music: A pitch that nearly hits the batter in the chin.

Baltimore Chop: A ground ball that hits in front of home plate and takes a big hop over the infielder’s head.

Bronx Cheer: Boos from the crowd.

Seeing-Eye Single: A ground ball that is just out of the infielder’s range, as if the ball has eyes to know where to go.

Pull the String:  When a batter strikes out at a fooling pitch.  For example a change-up is coming in at the batter very slowly as if someone is pulling it back.

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