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I recently was able to attend my brother’s college graduation from Marquette University.  During the ceremony there were two guest speakers.  They were Bud Selig, commissioner of the MLB and Hank Aaron.  Hank’s speech was very inspiring.  He talked about how in life there are no shortcuts to sucs,cesThe one thing I try to tell all these young kids is that there is absolutely no short cut to success.”   Hank was also saying that steroids are one of the worst things you could do.  If you really want to succeed you must do it with hard work and without performance  enhancing drugs.  He was comparing baseball to college, by saying that when you graduate from college you have a new begining just like in spring training.  Henry had many great sayings that inspired me like, The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.  The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

I can tell that he had a huge passion for the game.  Pros make millions of dollars and in Hank’s rookie year he had to walk to County Stadium because he didn’t have a car, which was 3 miles away from his apartment.  Henry had to deal with a lot of racism.  He worked so hard to overcome many hardships and was grateful for the opportunity to play ball and the people that helped him along the way.

Hank Aaron has inspired many people in this world.  I know that I look up to him.  In my opinion I think that Hank is still the true Home Run King because he earned the title the old fashioned way – with heart and hard work.  He was an honorable player that has given back to the community with many charities.   Mr. Aaron will always be a hero to many people and his legacy will always be remembered.

Are They Worth It???????

-David S.-

2011 was certainly the biggest free agent year ever.  Millions and millions of dollars were spent.   Teams need to remember that one player may sell lots of tickets, but it doesn’t guarantee you a winning season.  The question is, are these players worth all the money?

Albert Pujols Contract: 10-year  $250 million

Albert Pujols Stats (as of 5-19-12): H: 34   HR: 3  RBI: 18  AVG: .215

Not Worth It!!! Albert has been slumping all season so far.  He has hit 30 or more home runs in every season of his 11 years in the bigs.  Angel fans must be starting to worry about this mega deal and all of the money that is being burned.  Could this be a start of a declining career for Albert?

Prince Fielder Contract: 10-year, $214 million

Prince Fielder (as of 5-19-12): H: 46  HR: 7   RBI: 24  AVG: .303

SO SO…Prince has been pretty sub-par this year.  Not horrible, but not outstanding.  I think that he’ll heat up as the year goes by and gets into a groove.

Rickie Weeks Contract: 4-year, $38.5 million

Rickie Weeks Stats (as of 5-19-12): H:22  HR: 4  RBI: 7  AVG: .154

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I don’t get why on Earth the Brewers are paying him this much money.  He’s never been a great player.  Weeks is also injury prone and whenever he has a good year going, he gets injured.  I’m sick of watching him strike out over and over again.  Furthermore, his defense is questionable.  He can make a play look fantastic, but only when the ball comes right to him.

Jonathan Lucroy Contract: H: 38   HR: 2   RBI: 20   AVG: .330

Jonathan Lucroy Stats (as of  5-19-12): 5-year $11 million

BARGAIN!!!!!! Jonathan Lucroy is a monster!!!!!  You can always depend on him for a clutch hit and great defense.  A  star in the making.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the All-Star game this year.  The good thing is that the Brewers locked him up for a while and he was very cheap.

The Moral is that you can’t judge a player by a paycheck.

Aggressive Hitters VS. Patient Hitters Part 2

-David S.-

Is Patience a Virtue?

Some people think a Patient hitter is boring even though some of the best hitters are patient.  These types of hitters typically don’t swing at the first pitch.  They tend to wear down the pitcher, spend a longer amount of time in the batter’s box, and usually have the most walks.  For example, Joey Votto and Prince Fielder are this type of hitter.  They are both always top in the league in walks and top in various hitting categories.

Recently more teams are starting to pick up patient hitters.  This is because they are realizing how many runs they get out of them.  Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A’s really demonstrated this style of hitting as an asset to the sport by recognizing that patient hitters tend to get on base, one way or another.

Getting on base isn’t the only benefit of a patient hitter.  You can really wear down the pitcher.  His pitch count could start getting high.  This could open up an opportunity for a mistake from the pitcher.  Another benefit is to get the pitcher frustrated.  Once he’s frustrated, he may make mental errors and make all kinds of mistakes.  Are patient and aggressive hitters born or made?

Aggressive Hitters VS. Patient Hitters Part 1

Which is better at the plate, a patient hitter or an aggressive hitter? 

Let’s  get aggressive ….

Aggressive hitters go after many pitches and always try to hit the ball.  You approach the box as if you’re going into battle and ready to attack! Being aggressive can be a good and a bad thing.  You don’t want to be too aggressive because you can become too predictable and swing at everything.  Yuniesky Betancourt of the Royals (2011 Brewer) is a great an example of being too aggressive.  I had to watch his horrible hitting and it was painful.   Occassionally, he would crush the ball, but that didn’t overshadow what happened most of the time. Was it just me or did he swing and pop up the first pitch almost every at bat.  He made me sooooooooooo frustrated.  Betancourt seemed to have the mind-set of “I gotta swing at every pitch and get a big hit it!!!” Almost desperate to make something happen, he swung at almost every first pitch often popping up or striking. If I could predict what he would do at the plate,  the pitchers definitely did and used it to their advantage.

There are also many great aggressive hitters.  If you are a good aggressive hitter you always will go up to bat with a mind-set of “I’m gonna hit this, but I won’t swing if it’s not near the zone.”  These types of hitters are always ready to take a wack at the ball and make some sort of contact, but if it’s not there they simply don’t swing.  Josh Hamilton of the Rangers and Ryan Braun are great examples of great aggressive hitters. They approach ready to battle but will lay off the “bad” pitches.  My baseball coach has this philosophy and it really works.  My team was crushing the ball over the weekend with 3 home runs and many monster hits.  In the next few days I’ll be talking about patient hitters and my personal opinion

Please Comment on your opinion of aggressive hitters.

It’s Good Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

My definition of Good Friday:  Brewers (my  favorite team ever) Opening Day and no school.

Marlins Opening Day Starts off with Rainbow Feathered Showgirls, Ends with NO Pot of Gold as they are defeated by Cardinals

As I saw the opening of Marlins Park and the player entrances, I thought it seemed kind of strange.  The players walked onto the field with a showgirl in a feather covered costume.  I didn’t get that at all.

If you saw the Cardinal game against the Marlins, you had to be impressed with the pitching performance of Kyle Lohse.  He had a no-hitter going untill the 7th inning and only let off 1 earned run.  Kyle was almost the second pitcher  in history to throw a no-hitter on Opening Day.   The Cardinals hope this great pitching will continue through the season.  It looks like David Freese started just as he ended 2011. He had 3 hits with 2 rbis.  This was great game to start off the season.  I look forward to watching more and more baseball.

What’s Next!!!!

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