The Transition Begins….

-David S.-

Aroldis Chapman, of the Cincinnati Reds is known for his world record speeds of his fastball topping  105 mph.  During Spring Training, the pitching coaches  will be transforming Aroldis from reliever to starter.  A very hard transition here.  Through his whole career he has been inconsistent and has had numerous control problems.  You know that “kid” that always brags about how fast he throws but can’t hit the side of a barn?  Well, it doesn’t matter how fast you throw if you can’t throw strikes.  I think when he becomes a starter it will be a huge hit or miss.  Also, he got away with mainly using his fastball since it was so fast and being only a reliever, he wasn’t expected to pitch a whole game.  He will absolutely need to develop some variety and more dangerous pitches or they’ll just tee-off of him.  If he can develop a dangerous curve and change up, he could be unstoppable.  Imagine a 101 mph fastball followed by an 85 mph change up.  Scary, right?  Also, becoming a starter will dramatically increase the number of innings pitched.  He could throw his arm out if he’s not prepared correctly.

I have a feeling this won’t be a good transition, but who knows?  I’m just not convinced he’ll be able to go the distance.  I believe the Reds should keep Aroldis as a dangerous reliever.

Your Thoughts?

Are They Worthy????

-David S.-

I’m bringing up a very controversial topic about great players and about their future as possible Hall of Famers.  I’m talking about the infamous athletes – Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire Roger Clemins, and Barry Bonds.  They all could “walk” into to the Hall of Fame, but they all share a similar problem, a black cloud of their own making.  That cloud is PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs).  Just sad….. I mean REALLY.   All of these players were great, but also really screwed up.

The debate is, should they become members of the Hall of Fame??

No.  If you look only at their stats, no doubt in my mind they would have my vote.  The things that taint these numbers are the PEDs.  Yes, they all could play ball – really well, but wanted more.  I know these players are great  ballplayers, but really how good would they have been without their ” PED advantage?” How many less home runs, missed games due to injury, or strikeouts would there have been without cheating?  The question that sticks in my head is WHY??!!?!?!?!?!? You are so gifted and think that you need to find a way to bulk up by taking some junk.  Don’t they know it destroys your body and it’s illegal in sports?  You also get random tests so you would never know when you could get caught.  Instead of having a legacy they will be remembered by that black cloud – every record with an asterisk *  –   BIG EGOS, LOTS OF GREED  –  IDIOTS…….!

Just take a look at Bond’s photos -you’ll find plenty of “before and after” shots – Kind of like a woman who gets plastic surgery…like people don’t notice…..DUH!  You think he looks a little bigger?   WHAT are  YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS TOPIC?


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