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#BrewersOnDeck And My Good Hair Day

-David S.-

One of my favorite days of the year came last Sunday, the Brewers fan festival, Brewers On Deck!    It’s the same feeling of waking up on Christmas morning as a five year old. That’s how excited I get for this.  It’s become a yearly tradition that I share with my dad.  This year was my favorite of all!

To help publicize, I made my own business cards!  I handed them out to every person I met.  I just became official….ohhhh yeaaa. Here’s one:



Like the business cards? Craig Coshun, in the picture below did.  He was super friendly and so was former player, now announcer, Jerry Augustine.  I did not get a photo with Jerry, but he’s a regular guy, just like what he seems on T.V.  The voice of the Badgers, Matt Lepay was a fine gentlemen to meet as well.  I also want to give a shout out to Caitlin Moyer and the Social Media stage. Caitlin is the author of Cait Covers The Bases.  As busy as she was working the stage, she was extremely nice to me when I introduced myself and what I do.  Also, mega shout out to the author of, The Brewer Nation!  I met up with him and he gave me some well appreciated blogging advice!




Matt Lepay!


Meeting Brewers announcer, Brian Anderson (below) was a bonus!  He was very sincere and genuine.  He showed a lot of interest in what I had to say.  We talked awhile about my blog, advice, and about my dream to either play, broadcast or write.  As soon as I talked about wanting to be a broadcaster, he told me, “You’re off to a great start kid.  You have your blog, plus you’ve got the hair already!” It’s all about the hair. 😉



How do I look? Pretty legit, right? – Yeah, that’s me broadcasting!

I also played some ping pong with Brewers.  I took a beating that was humbling:) I blame my partner……lol2015/01/img_4485.jpg

Scooter Gennett is certainly the epitome of the eager, hungry to succeed, grateful to play, genuine baseball player kind of guy!!  Holy tobacco in his mouth though!  For your own health Scooter, please don’t chew!  He was a very humble, fun guy.  No wonder why all of Milwaukee loves Scooter.  Thanks for the SELFIE! BTW-If you get rid of the chew, I may be able to set you up with my older sister (5 ft. tall and “hot” according to my friends – you didn’t hear that from me).


Scooter selfie!


There’s nothing better than seeing professionals truly listen when I told them about this blog.  That’s exactly what Michael Blazek and Shane Peterson did!


Shane Peterson and I!



Michael Blazek!

Luis Sardinas and Hector Gomez looked like they were having the best of times.  They were super funny and goofy.  As soon I as i walked up to meet them, Luis said, “Ayyeeeee let me see your hair. Ayyyeeee let me see the line shaved. Nice, fresh bro.” Like I said, it’s all in the hair.


Luis Sardinas, Hector Gomez, and I! “Ayyyyyeee Let me see your hair. Ayyyeeee let me see line. Nice fresh bro” -Sardinas

Like last year, I said Mike Fiers was the nicest Brewer to meet.  This was absolutely true again this year.  Even better, he remembered who I was and what I do.  He said something like “Oh yea! I know you. You’re the Bleacher Boy.”  You totally made my day Mr. Fiers! Stay the way you are!


Mike Fiers remembered me! Is that hair envy I see in his eyes?



Gerardo Parra!!! I’m only 14 with a lot of growing to do- This shows you don’t have to be huge to play ball!!


Parra checkin out my sweet card.

Clint Coulter and Matt Clark were stand up men!  I love watching the two play and meeting them was fantastic!


Clint Coulter and his slick hair do.



Matt Clark was a stand up man!

O.K. So, this next pic is EPIC!!! The Brewers coaching staff getting a pic with Bleacher Boy  was hilarious! They were rattling off one liners left and right.  Mr. Narron (man wearing the Pharrel hat) kept asking me if I was going to write an article ripping about him and his hat.  Watch our Mr. Narron! 😉 Ed Sedar (bottom left) kept counting down the picture times and had something awesome to say to every camera taking a pic.  You couldn’t understand half the stuff he was saying, but man he was funny.



The coaching staff!


I finally got to meet pitcher, Kyle Lohse!  He’s a super cool and chill guy to talk to!  I got an autograph for my good friend, Kyle, since Lohse is like his favorite Brewer player! Kyle was psyched!2015/01/img_4552.jpg





The most amazing part of the day was meeting the legend himself, Bob Uecker!! To add to it, Mark Attanasio, the owner of the Brewers was there to meet with Bob.  The OWNER!!!! I was just as excited and pumped as when my sister got One Direction tickets. I was thinking to myself, “OMG he said my name and Bleacher Boy!!! I can’t believe I’m talking to Uecker himself, the man’s voice I hear every night in the summer is talking to me.”  He might actually beat me on the hair thing……





I had a voucher to meet Khris Davis but I saw a tiny kid and his dad go up to get a voucher for him, and they were turned away. The little kid looked like a huge fan of Davis. I saw his lip quiver and the sadness in his eyes.  I had to give him mine because I knew exactly what it felt like at the age to meet your favorite player or worse yet, not to meet him.  There has been no better moment at any Brewers On Deck then to see this little kid’s eyes light up when he got the chance to meet Davis.  I can’t imagine what it is like to see little kids look at you with such adornment. Maybe, I’ll see you next year Khris.

Brewers On Deck was once again a huge hit! I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Thank you to the Brewers for showing your fans a great time on and off the field!!  Start the countdown to next year’s Brewers On Deck! In the mean time, spring training is right around the corner……..





-David S.-

“Brewers On Deck” 2014 was a day to remember!  There was some insane CLUTCHNESS from my mom (no surprise) and of course Sophie used her “Wonder Twin” powers to help capture autographs and images!  Soph was my photographer!

Sophie showing off my Christmas present!

Sophie showing off my Christmas present!


As soon as I got there, I went immediately to get a Bob Uecker autograph voucher.  My number was 330…remember that number!  Then off to Marco Estrada, my guy!  As I was standing in line with Sophie, I quickly ran to Brewers pitcher, Tyler Thornburg.  One of the kindest guys of the day! I really like him now and I truly believed him when he said that he’d check out “Bleacher Boy.”  I met up with Marco again and he recognized me and he still  reads my blog!

Marco and me...good photo-bomb usher!

Marco and me…good photo-bomb usher!

To burn time before the certain Bob Uecker vouchers were called (remember 330?) I went to the Fox Sports Wisconsin announcer booth.  I got into my “Uecker” mode and recorded a Fox Brewers Promo.  I feel pretty natural behind the mic..future occupation!?!  I also got a chance to chat with Bill Schroeder,  the Brewers television announcer. He was friendly and just like what he seems like on T.V.  I also met up with John Steinmiller, author of “John and Cait…Plus Nine.”  John is a really cool guy and did some classy live stage interactive interviews!  I just found out that John and my older brother, Zach happen to be friends!   Hey John, I’m gonna take you up on your offer and visit you in the press box!  Do you see Brewers manager, Ron Roenicke photo-bombing my picture?!

I feel pretty natural behind the mic..future occupation!?! ;)

I feel pretty natural behind the mic..future occupation!?! 😉

Bill Schroeder and me!

Bill Schroeder and me!

Caught that photo-bomb Ron!

Caught that photo-bomb Ron!

NICEST BREWER OF THE DAY: Mike Fiers! You are awesome man!  Thanks for being so good to the fans, including myself. I hope you’re reading this!

Mike Fiers, you're the man!

Mike Fiers, you’re the man!

Mark Reynolds, Donovan Hand, Logan Schafer,  Elian Herrera, Sean Halton, Will Smith (no…not the Fresh Prince 😉 ),  and Jimmy Nelson, you guys were great too!  Thanks for taking time for me to talk to all of you.  Welcome to Milwaukee Mark and Will!!  Sorry, I couldn’t get a picture with all of them.

Mark Reynolds!

Mark Reynolds!

Jimmy Nelson reading my "Bleacher Boy" card.

Jimmy Nelson reading my “Bleacher Boy” card.

Donovan Hand and Mike Fiers!

Donovan Hand and Mike Fiers!

Elian Herrera!

Elian Herrera!

Couldn’t find my picture of the Brewers Will Smith….close enough? Just kidding!

Will Smith reading my card...The other Will Smith!

Will Smith reading my card…The other Will Smith!

Oh yea…remember #330, the Uecker voucher?  I also just found out that Mark Attanasio, THE OWNER would be with good ole’ Bob!  Man, this was going to be great to spread my blog to the OWNER!!  The voucher numbers were being released…….79-328.  328… 328….ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! I missed it by 2..ONLY 2!  My luck? I blame my mom… Terrible.  The least I could do was wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Signing Bob Uecker's birthday poster!

Signing Bob Uecker’s birthday poster!

Insane clutchness from my mum!  I was walking around, and who would’ve thought…former Brewer, Geoff Jenkins was right behind me!  That’s when my mom starting yelling to me!  I then asked for his signature and introduced to my blog.  Geoff seemed very happy to be back in Milwaukee.  The fans loved seeing him back as well.

Welcome back to Milwaukee Geoff!

Welcome back to Milwaukee Geoff!

My mom’s clutchness wasn’t done yet.  I was near the WTMJ radio booth and my mom spotted Doug Melvin right behind me!!  Doug Melvin is the General Manager of the Brewers not to mention a regular “down to earth” kind of guy! We chatted about my blog and when I asked for the scoop on Matt Garza, Doug replied, “We got him!” with a smile on his face.

You know...just hanging with the GM of the Brewers.  THIS IS AWESOME!!!

You know…just hanging with the GM of the Brewers. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

This was a day to remember! SOOOO MUCH FUN!  I recommend this family friendly fan festival (say that 3x fast) to all  Brewer fans!  Thank you Brewers for such an outstanding day!!!

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Bleacher Boy at “Brewers On Deck!”

-David S.-

Look for me at “Brewers On Deck!”  Let me know if you will be there! I hope to meet Bob Uecker, Mr. Baseball!   Tweet me: @BleacherBoy10

This is what I'll be wearing!

This is what I’ll be wearing!

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