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One Thing Every Cubs, Brewers, and Pirates Fan Can Agree On.

-David S.-


Every Cubs, Brewers, and Pirates fan can agree with this.  I’ve verified this with my big Cubs fan who is my social studies teacher and my baseball coach, a Pirates fan.  THEY ALWAYS WIN!!!  They knocked out the Brew Crew in the NLCS a few years ago.  We were so close to going the World Series!!!!  I WAS SOOOOO ANGRY!!!  They also just knocked out the Pirates too.  Why are they so good!?!!?  Many didn’t like the La Russa days too.  It seems like every player can bat .300 and every  pitcher is always dominant!  How can David Freese be subpar and then KING of the postseason?  Why does Jon Jay always make spectacular catches against the Crew?

Someday, I just know, someday they have to stop being so good!

WTF Why Tigers Fielder???????????????

My cousins and I meeting Prince Fielder

I’m a die-hard Brewers fan and I just heard some sad and disappointing news.  One of Wisconsin’s best sports stars, Prince Fielder is gone.  I couldn’t believe it  until I saw it.  I really thought he would stay in Milwaukee.  Sadly he’ll be on the Detroit Tigers for 9 long years.  The Brew Crew just couldn’t afford him.  At least the Brewers won’t have to worry about playing against him often.  The Brewers are faced with trying to replace not only a great player but a personality that was the face of the team.  His winning smile, intensity and leadership will be missed.  They might use long time prospect Mat Gamel or right fielder Cory Hart to fill that void.  No one can come close to replacing him.  This man was such a kind,  happy  and fan friendly person.   One time my cousins and I were at my sister’s birthday party and we ran into Prince Fielder.  He was so happy to take pictures and talk to us.

Prince Fielder doing the "Beast" mode

Prince Fielder was such a great player and a fan favorite.  He invented a catchy celebration move coined “Beast” mode.  Prince was key in reigning in the younger players like Gomez and Morgan.  With Prince gone and the impending suspension of Ryan Braun, the team will need to rely on veteran Ricky Weeks for some leadership.    I hope he’s happy in Detroit.  Maybe he went there so he could follow in the footsteps of his dad, Cecil Fielder.  Prince did spend many young years in Detroit with his dad.  He could hit a home run when he was 12 years old which shows the power he has.  Detroit has a great player in him and I think the Tigers could possibly make a serious playoff run. The city of Detroit is lucky to have Prince – Please treat him like a KING!  I’m going to miss all those memorable home runs.  What will you miss?

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