OOTP Baseball 16 Game Hits It Out Of The Park

-David S.-

I was contacted by the company, OOTP Baseball (Out of the Park Baseball), to play and review their video game OOTP Baseball 16.  So over the past week or so I have been testing it out.  I was not paid to review it.   Shout out to them for the free copy!  This game hits it OUT OF THE PARK and is a must have baseball game for any baseball nerd like myself.  This game is a complete baseball sim with no actual team game play, which ends up being an interesting change.  You have the option to become a team’s GM, manager, or both at once.  It truly feels like you are in the role of a GM or manager.  If you are a stats freak, it’s most definitely for you.  I really enjoyed analyzing the stats, managing my budget, and discussing trades.  I hear the Brewers are looking for a GM that’s younger, good lookin, and good with analytics – Call me Mr. Attanasio- ūüôā That’s how I felt when I took over the Brewers during the game.   OOTP Baseball 16 is the most detailed baseball experience where you literally feel like you are controlling every aspect of the team.  It has every affiliate of every team with accurate rosters down to rookie ball.  Don’t wanna play the 2015 season? That’s fine because you can play any season dating all the way back 1871 with accurate rosters.  That’s right…1871! How cool is that?  I’d  like to take my 1982 Brewers and change their World Series outcome and beat those dang Cards!

When you start off you may be absolutely overwhelmed by so many options and screens with countless actions, so MAKE SURE to read the manual.  You will spend too much time not knowing what you’re doing and you’ll be missing out. It’s incredibly customizable to fit however you would like to play.  This is a truly great game that any die-hard baseball fan should try out.

Their customer support is excellent.  If you are having trouble with your game in any way what so ever, you can email them and get an incredibly quick response.  OOTP Baseball 16 is an all around fantastic game.  It may not be for the average baseball fan, but if you are into the front office side of the game, it is definitely for you.

RATE 10/10

Why The All-Star Game Shouldn’t Count

-David S.-

Currently, whoever wins the All-Star game gets home field advantage for the World Series. ¬†This is supposed to give players the incentive to play hard to win and make the game entertaining. ¬†Even if it does give the players something to play for, ¬†I don’t think it’s fair for the two teams that make it into the World Series. ¬†This year the AL won the All-Star game 6-3. ¬†Therefore, the AL team in the WS gets home field advantage. ¬†Let’s say that the Minnesota Twins and the St. Louis Cardinals play each other in the World Series this October. ¬†The Twins would get into the playoffs by being a Wild Card team, while the Cards own the best record in all of Major League baseball. ¬†Game Seven would be played at Target Field in Minnesota instead of in St. Louis. It just doesn’t make sense that a team that barely gets into the playoffs gets an advantage over the best team in baseball. ¬†Shouldn’t the team with the higher winning record have home field advantage? ¬†The problem with the All-Star game is that in my example the Cardinals wouldn’t be rightfully rewarded. ¬†So, a fun exhibition game, like the All Star Game, could effect the outcome of a team’s World Series hopes by possibly awarding an “unearned” home field advantage. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the All-Star game. ¬†I ¬†just don’t think the Cardinals should be playing Game Seven away from their electric home just because K-Rod pitched a bad inning at the All-Star Game. ¬†Each playoff team should use the regular season as a way to decide their World Series destiny so it’s fully in their control. ¬†The chances, of the Cardinals winning Game Seven at home is much greater than being away. ¬†Most importantly, (according to my theoretical example), I would much rather see the Cardinals lose Game Seven at home with the whole stadium crying…A beautiful site………:)

What Am I Waiting For?

-David S.-

What am I waiting for?  Mark Newman really made me think about this post at

I’m waiting for the Brewer’s miserable year to end! ūüôā

I’m waiting for the Brewers to surpass the Cubs in the standings…THE CUBS for God’s sake!!!!!¬† I’m waiting to view another sausage race, screaming my lungs out for Polish.

I’m waiting to feel the intensity of a crowded Miller Park, no matter how many injuries we endured ¬†or how horrific we’ve been playing.¬† I’m waiting for¬†the classic seventh inning stretch singing, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “Roll Out the Barrel.”¬† I’m waiting for some drunken idiot to spill his beer all over me (has happened way too many times).¬† I’m waiting to go to my true home, Miller Park.¬† I’m waiting for a juicy brewer brat!

I’m waiting for my 13 year old¬†twin sister to snag another foul ball rather than see¬†a guy in his twenties thinking he is a big man picking off a ball directed at a kid.

I’m waiting for my baseball season to start again.¬† I’m waiting for classic wiffle ball games with all of my cousins. I’m waiting for all the bickering and arguing with these games ;).

I’m waiting for my wicked jersey curse to end…..

I’m waiting for a taste of a¬†successful October in Milwaukee. To have the thrill of a World Series.¬† I’m waiting to dominate the Cards.

I’m waiting for more honor in the MLB.¬† I’m waiting for a truly clean game and for a time when players aren’t criticized because of their religious beliefs.

I’m waiting and hoping that I can interview Marco Estrada.

I can definitely wait for August 18.¬† My family is going to a Brewers game and it’s my last day with my sister before she becomes a college student.¬† I’ll miss Delilah so much.¬†¬† I can definitely wait for that…

Brew Crew Dominates Cards 6-0

Yes….I got to see the best sight of my life.¬† The Brewers dominated the Cards 6-0.¬† I loved watching Zack Greinke¬†fool almost every batter he faced.¬† He looked like a Cy Young pitcher right away.¬† Corey Hart smashed 2 home runs with¬†3 rbis.¬† The Brewers crushed the ball and couldn’t be stopped.¬† I like the way Mat Gamel is playing.¬† He has a lot better defense than Fielder and a very solid bat.¬† Adam Wainwright looked pretty good for the Cardinals after missing all of 2012 with Tommy John surgery.¬† Adam only let off 2 runs.¬† Once again though, they couldn’t stop David Freese from getting a multi hit game.¬† Hopefully this is one of many Brewer wins to come.

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