“Hangin'” Around For Only 19 More Days!

-David S.-

Only 19 days until Opening Day!!!! Here’s my frozen shirt entry for the Brewers countdown.  I can almost taste it!!!!  “Hangin'” around waiting for Opening Day!!

Hangin' around waiting for Opening Day!

“Hangin'” around waiting for Opening Day!




-David S.-

59 days until Opening Day everyone!!!  Here’s one of my entries for the Brewers countdown contest!

My frozen shirt project.

My frozen shirt project.

In this BRUTAL winter my mom helped me make this cool project.  In -18 degrees, -35 wind-chill, we froze a shirt.  All you do is dip a shirt in m warm water and hang it outside to freeze for a little while!  Never too cold to be dreaming about opening day!

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