days until Christmas

The Twelve Days of a Baseball Christmas Day 2

-David S.-

Day 2 of the 12 Days of a Baseball Christmas!  Once again, creds to Baseballism for the great song! Enjoy!

On the second day of Christmas baseball gave to me:

2 catcher’s gloves,

and a white pearl on a hitting tee.

My idea for Baseballism would be 2 batting gloves? Maybe 2 stolen bases?  Your thoughts?

The Twelve Days of a Baseball Christmas

-David S.-

There are officially 12 days until Christmas! The 12 Days of a Baseball Christmas describes baseball fans well and gives us something to daydream about until spring training!  Creds to Baseballism for making up this song/poem.  I will post one line each day.

On the first day of Christmas, baseball gave to me:

A white pearl on a hitting tee.

There’s nothing like the  sun shining on a brand new white baseball just waiting for some good tee work!

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