-David S.-

Many know my feelings for dogs… I DON’T LIKE THEM AT ALL!!!  I don’t get them. Dogs are a lot of work and chew up your stuff. They always jump on me,  bite me, follow me, pee on me, and attack me! One time my cousins brought their dog, Ruby up north in Hayward, Wi where we vacation.  Once I saw Ruby come down to the beach I bolted and headed for the baby paddle boat.  I was paddling for my life out there on the lake!! Then, Ruby starts to chase me and catches up! The boat flips, I get tossed in the water and I get a nice welt on my noggin…..add that to the injury list.  Once at a birthday party, a big dog chased me and I landed butt first in a 5 gallon bucket, stuck like an upside down turtle.  So, I’m kind of a “hater” when it comes to dogs, but not afraid to admit it! 😉

But, when you put my passion (baseball) and my dislike for (dogs) together, what happens?  I love it!

So, a little adorable stray puppy was wandering around the Brewers Spring Training complex in Maryvale, Arizona.  The Brewers adopted this little guy and named him, Hank.  Hank has become an unofficial mini mascot for the Brewers and is stealing Milwaukee’s hearts.  This cute puppy is starting to change my view on dogs 🙂 !  Am I actually admitting that I’m feeling something “warm and fuzzy” for a dog?   Is this a random act of goodwill puppy adoption, or simply a marketing genius, stirring up “warm and fuzzy” fans and generating interest for the upcoming season? Either way, I think I like it……..

Here’s a bunch of awesome photos of Hank:

A dramatic face from Hank…

Team workouts with Hank!


Hank is being raised well! 🙂

Meet your new sausage racer!

Hank and Lucroy.

Guard that Gatorade Hank. Guard it!

Another dramatic pic…

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