hank aaron

The TRUE Home Run King

-David S.-

On April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron, of the Atlanta Braves,  reached the impossible record of breaking “the Babe’s” all-time home run record.  Hank is a great man and a class act.

These videos capture the excitement of number 714 and famous number 715!






People say Barry Bonds is the Home Run King, but Hank stands alone.  Remember this: 715 home runs, no PED’s needed….

Hank you’re the true KING!




A Little Number For A Little Man

The number that a player chooses for their jersey is significant to that player and becomes an important of how we remember them.  For example, everyone knows who #44 is, Hank Aaron, of course.  But does anyone know a little player with a little number – a fraction to be specific?   Eddie Gaedel,  3ft 7in, of the St. Louis Browns  wore 1/8 as a number during a pinch hit in 1951. What would your jersey number be and why??

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