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Aggressive Hitters VS. Patient Hitters Part 2

-David S.-

Is Patience a Virtue?

Some people think a Patient hitter is boring even though some of the best hitters are patient.  These types of hitters typically don’t swing at the first pitch.  They tend to wear down the pitcher, spend a longer amount of time in the batter’s box, and usually have the most walks.  For example, Joey Votto and Prince Fielder are this type of hitter.  They are both always top in the league in walks and top in various hitting categories.

Recently more teams are starting to pick up patient hitters.  This is because they are realizing how many runs they get out of them.  Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A’s really demonstrated this style of hitting as an asset to the sport by recognizing that patient hitters tend to get on base, one way or another.

Getting on base isn’t the only benefit of a patient hitter.  You can really wear down the pitcher.  His pitch count could start getting high.  This could open up an opportunity for a mistake from the pitcher.  Another benefit is to get the pitcher frustrated.  Once he’s frustrated, he may make mental errors and make all kinds of mistakes.  Are patient and aggressive hitters born or made?

NL Central Team Previews: Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds are looking pretty good right now in many aspects of the game.


The Reds have very good pitching.  Newly acquired star pitcher, Mat Latos, will truly help the Reds in pitching depth.  He is one of the most feared pitchers in the game.  I’m very surprised the Padres traded him.  Bronson Arroyo, is also a very good pitcher.  He didn’t have a great year last year, but has had five years with 14 or more wins.  I think Bronson is a very under rated pitcher with all of his good statistics and performances.  The rest of the starting rotation is pretty solid.  The Reds have lost their great closer, Francisco Cordero, but have found a new closer that I think will be just as good.  He’s from the Phillies and he is Ryan Madson.  Ryan had to replace Brandon Lidge when he was on the Phillies and he did an outstanding job.  If Aroldis Chapman can locate his record breaking speed, I think he’ll be unstoppable.  The Reds pitching seems to be pretty good at the time.  Pitching will probably be the biggest part of the year for them.


Another good player the Padres traded to the Reds is outfielder, Ryan Ludwick.  He’s an above average hitter that teams would love to have.  The best hitter on the team is obviously the 2010 NL MVP, Joey Votto.  Votto can hit with power or for contact, and he also has great plate discipline.  The Reds are very thrilled to have other hitters whom are Scott Rolen, Jay Bruce, and Brandon Phillips.  Cincinnati has a solid line up.  There are threats up and down their batting order.

I think the Reds will have a good year, but not good enough to win the World Series.  I say they take third place in the NL Central.

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