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To Trade or Not To Trade: The Case of Jonathan Lucroy

-David Strobach-

Milwaukee Brewers catcher, Jonathan Lucroy, was already one of the hottest names on the trade market and with his return this year to elite status, everyone has an eye on him.  The tough question for the Brewers is whether to trade Lucroy or not.  Let’s examine the pros and the cons.


To Trade

Milwaukee’s farm system is already among the best in the league and a Lucroy trade would make it a top 3 farm system with ease. Catchers who rake and field their position well are rare so Lucroy’s value is through the roof.  He is currently hitting  316/.372/.539 as of June 6, with 9 bombs and an OPS of .911 after a DREADFUL 2014. The Brew Crew would receive an elite prospect package, adding to the already impressive group of  players featuring Orlando Arcia, Brett Phillips,  Josh Hader, and Trent Clark.  The Brewers also have the 5th overall pick in the upcoming draft, bolstering the farm even more.  Luc’s contract is incredibly team friendly, making him even easier to move.  The future is already bright, but with a trade and draft here, it gets even brighter, looking at possible young stars. Lastly, Lucroy has expressed interest in being traded to a winning team.

Top Prospect: Orlando Arcia Benton Reed/Biloxi Shuckers

To Not Trade

Jonathan Lucroy is a fan favorite with the “LUUUUUCCCC,” chants heard every at-bat.  It’s hard to give up one of the faces of the franchise that is so well liked.  Everyone thought the Brewers were going to be quite dreadful while rebuilding this year, but they’ve actually been playing well. They are working their way back to .500 with only a few games under now.   The bullpen has showed it’s elite with the likes of Tyler Thornburg, Blaine Boyer, Will Smith, and the dominance of closer Jeremy JeffressJimmy Nelson is coming into his own and looks like he could be a 1, 2, or 3 for the rotation for years to come.  Overall,  the rotation has been serviceable other than the liability of Wily Peralta on the mound.  Ryan Braun has returned to his old self and is having one of the best years of his career.  Hernan Perez keeps hitting his way into the line up and Aaron Hill has heated up since his rough start.  Jonathan Villar has been an absolute stud, hitting over .300, leads the league in stolen bases, and plays an exceptional shortstop.  Lucroy is a core player and a leader.  Finding another catcher like him is almost impossible. He could be vital in developing young pitchers and will be a valuable bat in the line up.  With the revelation of Villar and the elite bullpen, the Brewers could become more competitive sooner than people think.  Top prospect Orlando Arcia will soon be playing gold glove caliber D at short and hopefully Villar gets moved over to second because his bat has to stay in the line up.  A Braun, Phillips, and Domingo Santana outfield could be great.  Josh Hader is showing ace flashes featuring an ERA under 1. It’s hard to put a timeline on young prospects like Trent Clark, but let’s say these prospects I’ve talked about make their way up within 3 years, it could make the Brew Crew competitive.  Lucroy would be a central piece for the years to come if he can be retained.  The Brewers are quietly putting together a solid core that Luc is crucial to.

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

My Verdict: To Not Trade

I see Luc being  too valuable down the road to trade! The Brewers with their solid play this year may convince him to want to stay.  He is more valuable to the Brew Crew for the years to come to help anchor a line up as well as help develop up and coming pitchers.  He is one of the few “veteran” leaders on the team along with Braun – which also helps sell tickets.  This is an incredibly tough decision that David Stearns will have to make.  Would I be upset if he was traded and they received a great return?  Absolutely not, I  can accept their wanting to position the team for the future.  Either way, there are positives and negatives to keep Luc. Personally, I would miss him – and so would my sister who cherishes his autograph and catches because of him.

What would you do as GM?




-David S.-

Finally, the stage is set for the 108th World Series.  The San Francisco Giants versus the Detroit Tigers.  The playoffs were exciting and it all comes down to this.  We’re in for a wild ride in this series.

The Tigers just DOMINATED the Yankees in a sweep….OH YEAH!!!!!!!!  A-Rod got benched the last two games and his career as a Yankee is in jeopardy.  The Tigers go in very confident and hopefully not
“cold” from their days off.

The series between the Giants and Cardinals was wild.  Going into game 5 it looked like the Cards were strong and getting in the WS easily with a 3-1 lead.  The Giants never gave up and won game 5.  Then 6….  Hold on, the Giants just tied this things up.  The Cardinals are falling apart, what is happening.  In game 7 the Giants blew away the Cardinals 9-o!    The Giants go into this World Series loaded with momentum and firing on all cylinders.

The best part is that the  two teams that  I hate the most got eliminated! 🙂

This WS could be one for the ages.  Two great well deserving teams are playing and both seem nearly unstoppable right now.  Can the Tigers defend the HOT Giants?  Will the Giants stay hot and defeat the loaded Tigers offense featuring a Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder duo.

I say Tigers win in 6 games ( as a die hard Brewer Fan, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Prince.)  It’ll be a very dramatic series and I know I’ll be tuned in.

What’s your take?

Tigers in ,Yanks Out!!! Could it be A-Rod’s final game as a Yankee?

-David S.-

Sweeping usually activates my “flight” response because it involves kitchen chores – but NOT THIS WEEK!


I witnessed a great event that nearly brought tears to my eyes between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers.  The Tigers SWEPT the Yankees in four games in th ALCS.  Time to pop the champagne Detroit!  Or Mt. Dew in my case…..The Yankees seemed to be falling apart!  Players Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher, Russel Martin, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, Eric Chavez, and Brett Gardener all had batting averages under .200 during this postseason.  SEVEN players from the Yankees UNDERPERFORMED – .  These are also pretty big names you hear every day on SportsCenter.  With these stats you don’t deserve to  win anything at all.

Now let’s talk about the biggest story from this sereis, Alex Rodriguez.  He was benched in games 3 and 4 of the ALCS , for failure of production and his career as a Yankee is in jeopardy.-sucker!  Eric Chavez was filling in for A-rod in these games.  According to SportsCenter, if A-Rod was benched again he would be a Yankee no more.  They said he could be traded most likely to the Marlins because he lives around there and he would probably accept a trade there.  (Good luck sporting that ugly uniform ;)-No one would take on his millions of dollars on his contract, so the Yankees would have to pay a chunk of change to get rid of him.  Generally, most teams would only pay 5 million dollars for a 37 year old veteran.  The Yankees could be stuck  paying over a 100 millon dollars – suckers…..

After all of this  Alex came out and said, “I will be back, I have a lot to prove and I will be back — on a mission.”  Good luck old man!  I guess it’s possible……hope not!  He would have to accept a trade so we could see him back as a Yankee.  If he wants to come back next season he’s going to need to really work  on his rapidly decreasing performance.

The Yankees would still be a power house team with or without A-rod on their team.  Good luck Tigers!  SHOUT OUT TO PRINCE!!!!!!   We miss you!!

Congrats Prince!!

-David S.-

Prince Fielder once again has won the home run derby.  Prince is the only player to win the derby for both the National League and American League.  His longest homer was a huge 476 footer into the water.  Fielder had many “splash hits ” at Kauffman Stadium.  When Prince recieved his trophy he was very humble and modest about it.  Congrats Prince, Brewer fans were cheering for you.

Are They Worth It???????

-David S.-

2011 was certainly the biggest free agent year ever.  Millions and millions of dollars were spent.   Teams need to remember that one player may sell lots of tickets, but it doesn’t guarantee you a winning season.  The question is, are these players worth all the money?

Albert Pujols Contract: 10-year  $250 million

Albert Pujols Stats (as of 5-19-12): H: 34   HR: 3  RBI: 18  AVG: .215

Not Worth It!!! Albert has been slumping all season so far.  He has hit 30 or more home runs in every season of his 11 years in the bigs.  Angel fans must be starting to worry about this mega deal and all of the money that is being burned.  Could this be a start of a declining career for Albert?

Prince Fielder Contract: 10-year, $214 million

Prince Fielder (as of 5-19-12): H: 46  HR: 7   RBI: 24  AVG: .303

SO SO…Prince has been pretty sub-par this year.  Not horrible, but not outstanding.  I think that he’ll heat up as the year goes by and gets into a groove.

Rickie Weeks Contract: 4-year, $38.5 million

Rickie Weeks Stats (as of 5-19-12): H:22  HR: 4  RBI: 7  AVG: .154

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I don’t get why on Earth the Brewers are paying him this much money.  He’s never been a great player.  Weeks is also injury prone and whenever he has a good year going, he gets injured.  I’m sick of watching him strike out over and over again.  Furthermore, his defense is questionable.  He can make a play look fantastic, but only when the ball comes right to him.

Jonathan Lucroy Contract: H: 38   HR: 2   RBI: 20   AVG: .330

Jonathan Lucroy Stats (as of  5-19-12): 5-year $11 million

BARGAIN!!!!!! Jonathan Lucroy is a monster!!!!!  You can always depend on him for a clutch hit and great defense.  A  star in the making.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the All-Star game this year.  The good thing is that the Brewers locked him up for a while and he was very cheap.

The Moral is that you can’t judge a player by a paycheck.

Aggressive Hitters VS. Patient Hitters Part 2

-David S.-

Is Patience a Virtue?

Some people think a Patient hitter is boring even though some of the best hitters are patient.  These types of hitters typically don’t swing at the first pitch.  They tend to wear down the pitcher, spend a longer amount of time in the batter’s box, and usually have the most walks.  For example, Joey Votto and Prince Fielder are this type of hitter.  They are both always top in the league in walks and top in various hitting categories.

Recently more teams are starting to pick up patient hitters.  This is because they are realizing how many runs they get out of them.  Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A’s really demonstrated this style of hitting as an asset to the sport by recognizing that patient hitters tend to get on base, one way or another.

Getting on base isn’t the only benefit of a patient hitter.  You can really wear down the pitcher.  His pitch count could start getting high.  This could open up an opportunity for a mistake from the pitcher.  Another benefit is to get the pitcher frustrated.  Once he’s frustrated, he may make mental errors and make all kinds of mistakes.  Are patient and aggressive hitters born or made?

WTF Why Tigers Fielder???????????????

My cousins and I meeting Prince Fielder

I’m a die-hard Brewers fan and I just heard some sad and disappointing news.  One of Wisconsin’s best sports stars, Prince Fielder is gone.  I couldn’t believe it  until I saw it.  I really thought he would stay in Milwaukee.  Sadly he’ll be on the Detroit Tigers for 9 long years.  The Brew Crew just couldn’t afford him.  At least the Brewers won’t have to worry about playing against him often.  The Brewers are faced with trying to replace not only a great player but a personality that was the face of the team.  His winning smile, intensity and leadership will be missed.  They might use long time prospect Mat Gamel or right fielder Cory Hart to fill that void.  No one can come close to replacing him.  This man was such a kind,  happy  and fan friendly person.   One time my cousins and I were at my sister’s birthday party and we ran into Prince Fielder.  He was so happy to take pictures and talk to us.

Prince Fielder doing the "Beast" mode

Prince Fielder was such a great player and a fan favorite.  He invented a catchy celebration move coined “Beast” mode.  Prince was key in reigning in the younger players like Gomez and Morgan.  With Prince gone and the impending suspension of Ryan Braun, the team will need to rely on veteran Ricky Weeks for some leadership.    I hope he’s happy in Detroit.  Maybe he went there so he could follow in the footsteps of his dad, Cecil Fielder.  Prince did spend many young years in Detroit with his dad.  He could hit a home run when he was 12 years old which shows the power he has.  Detroit has a great player in him and I think the Tigers could possibly make a serious playoff run. The city of Detroit is lucky to have Prince – Please treat him like a KING!  I’m going to miss all those memorable home runs.  What will you miss?

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