Bleacher Boy Talks Baseball On The Rec Room Show

-David S.-

Tuesday night I had my second radio gig with the Rec Room Show! I’m on around the 43 minute mark below.  Please give it a listen and tell me what you think!

Bleacher Boy on the Airwaves

-David S.-

Listen to the podcast of me on the  Rec Room Show with Tim Hollenbeck right HERE!  Fast forward to about 14 1/2 minutes to get to my part.  Listen as we talk baseball, this blog, Dwier Brown, and MORE!!!  How did I sound?  The Rec Room Show is on All Radio X.  My broadcast is number 97.  Make sure to check out his show on his website every Tuesday at 8 Central Time!

Bleacher Boy Radio Guest – on the Rec Room Show!!

-David S.-

Today, at 8:15 P.M. CT, I will be featured on Tim Hollenbeck’s, Rec Room Show.  Tune in HERE!  If that doesn’t work, access this online radio show HERE!


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