-David S.-

Jonathan Lucroy of the Milwaukee Brewers got a “boxer’s fracture” from a freak accident in his hotel room.  Jonathan was reaching under his bed for a lost sock and his wife moved a suitcase which fell on his hand causing a fracture.  Lucroy needs surgery on his hand.  He will miss up to six weeks.  This is going to kill the injury plagued Brewers.  He was putting up huge numbers and looking like an all-star.

Lucroy’s wife, Sarah is getting harrassed and threatened by some Brewer fans via Facebook. “It’s been a battle for me, personally, because there’s no one to blame, and my wife is getting killed by this,” Lucroy said. “It’s not like she’s not hurt enough already, not feeling guilty enough already. I really wish people would just leave her alone, leave us alone, just let us try to move forward, and get this behind us, because this has been a brutal couple of days.”

I can’t believe people would be so cruel about what happened.  This is obviously an accident.  Stop harassing Sarah!!! and remember that baseball is just a game and accidents happen.  (Lucroy, way to stand up and support your wife!!!!  You’re an All Star already!!)