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-David S.-

This is my 150th post on Bleacher Boy!  To celebrate this little milestone, I would like to share some of my favorite posts that I have written.  I haven’t posted for the last few weeks since I’ve been up north fishing and vacationing “unplugged.”

Bleacher Boy Top 10


10. Moneyball and My Twin Sister Sophie

In this article I explain the  importance of just getting on base by any means.  My twin sister Sophie is involved because of how she helped my team win.


9. Aggressive Hitters Vs. Patient Hitters

Part 1

Part 2

In this two part article I break down these type of hitters and their ups and downs.


8. Buying a Jersey…A Kiss of Death

The title explains it all, I don’t think I can ever buy another jersey.

Wait…it struck again!!!


7. What Am I Waiting For?

This one got reblogged on MLBlogs Central.  MLBlogs Central asked people to write an article like this and they picked mine to reblog!


6. Bleacher Boy Radio Guest – on the Rec Room Show!!

Listen to the recording of my first  interview on the radio show, Rec Room Show!!!! I recommend starting 14 minutes into the show.



If  I were commissioner, I would implement this performance enhancing drug policy.


4.  Steroids Shrink What!?!?!?!?

This is my personal research paper outlining what steroids  do to you psychologically and physically.  Very disturbing results from my research.


3. Warning: Graphic Pictures of Why My Grandpa Says I Should Stick to Sudoku

Mr. Injury Prone here!  Want to see a horrific eye injury!?!?


2.  Baseball, a Game of Failure

You don’t beat baseball, baseball beats you.   This explains how truly difficult baseball is, and how to “get a grip”  when playing the game.  Mental toughness is everything!  Like Yogi Berra said, “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”


1. No Home Run is Greater Than His Sacrifice!

My favorite article!  It shows how God is involved with my life. I am blessed to be able to play ball and share my passion!  Credo – God, Family, Baseball!!!!!



-David S.-

Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile…Things have been sooooooooo hectic! Various projects and some Catholic school basketball tournaments! I want to create a meme that says, “My mom used to be a nice person, until Catholic School Basketball”  – (Love you mom).  I’ve also been pretty darn sick with tons of papers to write.  I know, excuses, excuses……

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are now displaying bacon on their uniforms!!!!! Maybe everything isn’t better with bacon……..



This new look is pretty ugly, but AWESOME!!!  Putting bacon into a uniform is a ridiculously dumb yet genius idea! 🙂  On it says there will be “scratch-and-sniff” bacon logo t-shirts! How amazing is that…

What if they made bacon pinstripe pants!?!?!……MIND BLOWN!

What do you think??????

Photo from:


-David S.-

“Brewers On Deck” 2014 was a day to remember!  There was some insane CLUTCHNESS from my mom (no surprise) and of course Sophie used her “Wonder Twin” powers to help capture autographs and images!  Soph was my photographer!

Sophie showing off my Christmas present!

Sophie showing off my Christmas present!


As soon as I got there, I went immediately to get a Bob Uecker autograph voucher.  My number was 330…remember that number!  Then off to Marco Estrada, my guy!  As I was standing in line with Sophie, I quickly ran to Brewers pitcher, Tyler Thornburg.  One of the kindest guys of the day! I really like him now and I truly believed him when he said that he’d check out “Bleacher Boy.”  I met up with Marco again and he recognized me and he still  reads my blog!

Marco and me...good photo-bomb usher!

Marco and me…good photo-bomb usher!

To burn time before the certain Bob Uecker vouchers were called (remember 330?) I went to the Fox Sports Wisconsin announcer booth.  I got into my “Uecker” mode and recorded a Fox Brewers Promo.  I feel pretty natural behind the mic..future occupation!?!  I also got a chance to chat with Bill Schroeder,  the Brewers television announcer. He was friendly and just like what he seems like on T.V.  I also met up with John Steinmiller, author of “John and Cait…Plus Nine.”  John is a really cool guy and did some classy live stage interactive interviews!  I just found out that John and my older brother, Zach happen to be friends!   Hey John, I’m gonna take you up on your offer and visit you in the press box!  Do you see Brewers manager, Ron Roenicke photo-bombing my picture?!

I feel pretty natural behind the mic..future occupation!?! ;)

I feel pretty natural behind the mic..future occupation!?! 😉

Bill Schroeder and me!

Bill Schroeder and me!

Caught that photo-bomb Ron!

Caught that photo-bomb Ron!

NICEST BREWER OF THE DAY: Mike Fiers! You are awesome man!  Thanks for being so good to the fans, including myself. I hope you’re reading this!

Mike Fiers, you're the man!

Mike Fiers, you’re the man!

Mark Reynolds, Donovan Hand, Logan Schafer,  Elian Herrera, Sean Halton, Will Smith (no…not the Fresh Prince 😉 ),  and Jimmy Nelson, you guys were great too!  Thanks for taking time for me to talk to all of you.  Welcome to Milwaukee Mark and Will!!  Sorry, I couldn’t get a picture with all of them.

Mark Reynolds!

Mark Reynolds!

Jimmy Nelson reading my "Bleacher Boy" card.

Jimmy Nelson reading my “Bleacher Boy” card.

Donovan Hand and Mike Fiers!

Donovan Hand and Mike Fiers!

Elian Herrera!

Elian Herrera!

Couldn’t find my picture of the Brewers Will Smith….close enough? Just kidding!

Will Smith reading my card...The other Will Smith!

Will Smith reading my card…The other Will Smith!

Oh yea…remember #330, the Uecker voucher?  I also just found out that Mark Attanasio, THE OWNER would be with good ole’ Bob!  Man, this was going to be great to spread my blog to the OWNER!!  The voucher numbers were being released…….79-328.  328… 328….ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! I missed it by 2..ONLY 2!  My luck? I blame my mom… Terrible.  The least I could do was wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Signing Bob Uecker's birthday poster!

Signing Bob Uecker’s birthday poster!

Insane clutchness from my mum!  I was walking around, and who would’ve thought…former Brewer, Geoff Jenkins was right behind me!  That’s when my mom starting yelling to me!  I then asked for his signature and introduced to my blog.  Geoff seemed very happy to be back in Milwaukee.  The fans loved seeing him back as well.

Welcome back to Milwaukee Geoff!

Welcome back to Milwaukee Geoff!

My mom’s clutchness wasn’t done yet.  I was near the WTMJ radio booth and my mom spotted Doug Melvin right behind me!!  Doug Melvin is the General Manager of the Brewers not to mention a regular “down to earth” kind of guy! We chatted about my blog and when I asked for the scoop on Matt Garza, Doug replied, “We got him!” with a smile on his face.

You know...just hanging with the GM of the Brewers.  THIS IS AWESOME!!!

You know…just hanging with the GM of the Brewers. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

This was a day to remember! SOOOO MUCH FUN!  I recommend this family friendly fan festival (say that 3x fast) to all  Brewer fans!  Thank you Brewers for such an outstanding day!!!

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What Am I Waiting For?

-David S.-

What am I waiting for?  Mark Newman really made me think about this post at

I’m waiting for the Brewer’s miserable year to end! 🙂

I’m waiting for the Brewers to surpass the Cubs in the standings…THE CUBS for God’s sake!!!!!  I’m waiting to view another sausage race, screaming my lungs out for Polish.

I’m waiting to feel the intensity of a crowded Miller Park, no matter how many injuries we endured  or how horrific we’ve been playing.  I’m waiting for the classic seventh inning stretch singing, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “Roll Out the Barrel.”  I’m waiting for some drunken idiot to spill his beer all over me (has happened way too many times).  I’m waiting to go to my true home, Miller Park.  I’m waiting for a juicy brewer brat!

I’m waiting for my 13 year old twin sister to snag another foul ball rather than see a guy in his twenties thinking he is a big man picking off a ball directed at a kid.

I’m waiting for my baseball season to start again.  I’m waiting for classic wiffle ball games with all of my cousins. I’m waiting for all the bickering and arguing with these games ;).

I’m waiting for my wicked jersey curse to end…..

I’m waiting for a taste of a successful October in Milwaukee. To have the thrill of a World Series.  I’m waiting to dominate the Cards.

I’m waiting for more honor in the MLB.  I’m waiting for a truly clean game and for a time when players aren’t criticized because of their religious beliefs.

I’m waiting and hoping that I can interview Marco Estrada.

I can definitely wait for August 18.  My family is going to a Brewers game and it’s my last day with my sister before she becomes a college student.  I’ll miss Delilah so much.   I can definitely wait for that…

Moneyball and My Twin Sister Sophie

I recently watched one of the most fascinating  baseball movies.  The movie was Moneyball starring, Brad Pitt, as Billy Bean, general manager of the Oakland A’s.  I read the book first which I highly recommend in order to get some more indepth details.  The Oakland Athletics finish a winning season and then end up losing all of their superstars; Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, and Jason Isringhausen to big market, big money teams.   Billy needs to find out how to replace that talent on a small market, small money budget.  Billy meets and hires an economics graduate who has developed a unique untested statistical approach for appraising players.  While searching for budget players, Billy is taught to stop looking for the homerun hitters and just find players that get on base plain and simple.  The only way to get runs is to get on base.  It doesn’t matter how you get on base – you just need to get on base, period!  A hit, a walk, a hit by pitch, it doesn’t matter.  When you get on base, you can steal a base!  It sounds simple, but is often overlooked by the more glamorous and exciting homerun.  For example, in one of my club baseball tournaments, my twin sister Sophie volunteered to play because we were short a player.  I think the opposing pitchers were nervous pitching to a girl.  She got walked every time at bat, (batting 9th), stole bases and scored a run every time!!!   We ended up winning because of her getting on base!  It  was also her patience and self control, two often overlooked skills, that got her on base.  I hate to admit it, but they are lucky they didn’t pitch to her because she can crush the ball.

Billy can’t afford any top prospects and ends up recruiting a few players for their On Base Percentage stats.  He only had $40,000,000 to spend on the entire team whereas  the Yankess had over $100,000,000 to spend. It’s almost impossible to compete against this type of money.   People think he’s crazy signing Scott Hatteberg to play first base since he was a former catcher-whose arm is shot, but he has a great OBP.  Billy also picks up David Justice,  a veteran at the end of his career, who the Yankees are dumping.  With some other well maneuvered acquisitions the A’s end up winning their division and win more games that season than the previous year with the superstars. Billy went from “Crazy” to “Genius” when really it’s just  simply “Elementary”……you need to get on base.

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